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Thread: 2,000 Round Challenge

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    Pistol: Beretta 92FS, US Manufactured
    Caliber: 9mm
    Ammo: Handload, 115gr Oregon Trail Lead Round Nose, WW231 powder
    Dates: March 1, 2012 - July 15, 2012
    Total Rounds Fired: 2700
    Stoppages: 1
    Malfunctions: 0
    Parts Breakages: 0


    I did this test on this gun because it's a backup to my primary Beretta, a 92A1. I wanted to use up the rest of the unjacketed bullets I had in inventory. The total loaded up was 2740, but about 20 of them went through my Dad's Browning Hi-Power, so I'm counting the test as 2700. The only stoppage occurred around the 2300 round mark when I was loading the gun prior to holstering and it didn't fully go into battery. A smack on the back of the slide sent it the rest of the way home.

    What impressed me the most about this was how filthy the gun got. I did the challenge last year on the A1 with jacketed ammo, and it got nowhere near as dirty as this gun did. There were thick, heavy deposits of the lube that had burned off the bullets throughout the area where the rear of the barrel and breechface met, as well as around the locking block and those associated areas. The gun truly did well in my opinion.

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    Wilson CQB

    Pistol: Wilson Combat CQB
    Caliber: 45ACP
    Ammo: Handload, 200g Precision Bullets LSWC (moly coated), mixed brass, mixed primers, 4.8g Bullseye, 1.240 OAL, 0.469 crimp, loaded on Dillon 1050 Super
    Dates: May 21, 2012 - July 16, 2012
    Total Rounds Fired: 2850
    Stoppages: 0
    Malfunctions: 3 (failure to lock back on empty)
    Parts Breakages: 0

    The failure to lock back was due to weak mag springs, and happened on the first range session, with 3 separate, well used 47Ds. Mag springs replaced, and no further issues were encountered.


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    Israeli High Power

    Pistol: Browning Mark 3 High Power, lanyard loop and flag safety variant, israeli surplus. Magazine safety removed.
    Caliber: 9x19mm
    Ammunition: Aguila 124 FMJ, S&B 115 FMJ, CCI Lawman 115 TMJ, a wide variety of standard pressure, +P, and +P+ JHPs
    Dates of Testing: 21 May 2012 through 17 July 2012
    Total rounds fired: 2,130
    Stoppages, Malfunctions, or Breakages: None.

    Comments: The pistol was purchased in April. It had been rode hard and put away wet, and now that it's reliability has been reasonably established it is destined for new sights, a better thumb safety, and a refinish. Between now and whenever that project gets funded, it goes in the safe. It's a keeper. Militec 1 was used with great results. I was pleased with the performance of both S&B and Aguila.

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    Pistol: Springfield Armory Custom Shop Warren Tactical 9mm 1911
    Ammo: CCI 124gr TMJ Blazer Cleanfire; Federal P9HST3 (124gr +p HST)
    Dates: Saturday July 14 through Wednesday July 18
    Total Rounds Fired: 2,018
    Stoppages: 0
    Malfunctions: 0
    Parts Breakages: 0

    Comments: At the 1,637 round mark I replaced the stock mag catch with an Ed Brown extended version which I fitted myself. Given that I'd never fitted a mag catch to a 1911 before, this was probably a bad idea in the middle of a 2K Challenge. Nonetheless, everything worked as intended.

    For the first time since I began these 2K Challenges, I feel genuinely guilty about putting my pistol through that and will be cleaning it soon.

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    Pistol: Smith & Wesson M&P Pro 5 inch
    Caliber: 9mm
    Ammunition: 50 rounds Winchester Ranger-T, 50 rounds Federal HST, 500 rounds Federal American Eagle, 100 rounds Federal Champion, remainder was my handloads with plated bullets.
    Dates of testing:1 May 2012 to 28 July 2012.
    Total rounds fired: 3,081 (I was enthusiastic, well actually too lazy to clean the gun.)

    Stoppages: 1
    Malfunctions: 0
    Breakages: 0

    Notes: The gun was completely stock, I cleaned it and lubricated it with TW25B and started the test. My only stoppage was between 400 and 500 rounds with a handload where I had a failure to fire. Primer showed a light strike. I rechambered the cartridge and it fired normally on the next try.

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    Pistol: CZ Shadow 2012 Special, Canadian Version
    Ammo: Handloads, 3.6gr Tightgroup, 147gr CamPro Plated Bullet, Federal SPP
    Dates: Friday July 13th 2012 to Tuesday July 24th 2012
    Total Rounds Fired: 2,142
    Stoppages: 3
    Malfunctions: 0
    Parts Breakages: 0

    Comments: I had a 6.0mm tall front sight installed the day I picked the gun up from the dealer. I then hit my range and fired 200 rounds through the gun. Once I got the gun home I swapped out the trigger and lubed that area, I also swapped my 11lb main spring (factory part I picked up in Greece)I didn't clean the gun though, so technically most of the gun has fired 2,342 rounds. During the next 700 rounds I had two jams, One was a 9x21 case that made it through my reloading setup, it obviously shouldn't feed in the gun. The next was a mushed primer that again, the gun shouldn't have fed. On July 17th I had the 3rd jam in the gun, another mushed primer that prevented the gun from feeding the round all the way into battery, when clearing the gun that primer then fell out and got down behind the trigger bar (pics in this thread). I don't count these against the gun in any way shape or form, but in keeping with Todd's way of reporting I feel it necessary to mention them. Plus the fallen out primer is just kind of cool.
    ...and to think today you just have fangs

    Rob Engh
    BC, Canada

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    question... am I allowed to wipe the outside of the gun off? particularly I have a FO front sight. its getting pretty cruddy.

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    Pistol: S&W M&P 45 Mid-Size
    Ammo: CCI Lawman; CCI Gold-Dot; Atlanta Arms & Ammo reman; and some reloads. All rounds were 230 gr.
    Dates: 11/10/2011 through 08/24/2012
    Total Rounds Fired: 2,145
    Stoppages: 6
    Malfunctions: 0
    Parts Breakages: 0

    This is my duty weapon in its factory configuration. As some of you that frequent this forum know, when I got home from getting issued and qualifying with this weapon I discovered I had a magazine spring that was bent. You can read that here. After a lethargic response from S&W CS I finally received some new magazine springs. All the stoppages were magazine spring related during this test. Needless to say, I've replaced most of my green painted springs.

    Other than the spring issue this weapon has run like a top. I'm just glad that I can now clean this filthy was making the Lt. nervous.

    A few pics:

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    Nothing in the rules says it has to be centerfire, so here goes...

    Pistol: Ruger MkIII 22/45
    Ammo: CCI Minimag, CCI Std. Velocity, Winchester White Box, Winchester Value Pack, Probably some others.
    Dates: Jan 2012 to Aug 2012
    Total Rounds Fired: 2,150
    Stoppages: ~10
    Malfunctions: 0
    Parts Breakages: 0

    All stoppages were bad ammo, which shouldn't be a surprise in a .22... Usually went bang on a second hit.

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    Jackpot to Pigpen

    Pistol: Combat Precision custom 1911 "Jackpot" by Chris James
    Ammo: 120-mixed in a ziplock some new, some old, mostly BVAC, some G.I. issue from who knows when some were tracer rounds; 50-WWB hollow point "personal defense"; 50 Seer Gold Dot230grn; 60 Federal Hydroshock 230grn; 1000 Aguila 230grn; 869 Prvi Partizan 230grn
    Dates: 8/13-9/20/2012
    Total Rounds Fired: 2,149
    Stoppages: 1* bad mag
    Malfunctions: 0
    Parts Breakages: 0

    In the spring of 2011 my good friend and contributor here Jason Fobart started telling me about this 1911 smith that he had met and was starting to do photographs for. Turns out Chris James of Combat Precision is here in Atlanta. Jason showed me a few of his amazing photographs of pistols that Chris had completed recently. As a 1911 nerd I was impressed. Jason & Chris invited me out to a weekend cabin retreat to hang out and shoot guns along with some local SWAT guys and other operator types. The highlight of that for me (besides teaching a Marine just back from Afghanistan how to run an M1 Carbine) was shooting a gun that Chris had just finished and was shipping out to a customer in Las Vegas.

    this gun:

    I was convinced then that I needed to get on this guys list to make me a gun. But of course money is always a factor and coming from the world of "go down to the store and buy what you want" the idea of waiting a year or more for something just made me crazy.

    Well over the next few months Chris helped me tweak a few guns I had, and the idea grew larger in my mind. I wanted that gun that I had shot in October. I started gathering cash to put my name in the hat for a build… well low and behold the original owner of "Jackpot" decided that he was going to consolidate his collection of 1911s down to rail guns only and put his up for sale. I contacted him and after getting a little more scratch together the gun was in route to my FFL.

    After arrival I of course found a few things I wanted to change… its a 1911 you gotta a tweak right? I had Chris swap out the Trigicon Novak front sight for a 10-8 fiber optic and had him rework the trigger so that the break and reset were perfect for me.

    Day one after getting it back I put 400 rounds through it without a hitch. On the way home I decided to be the anti 1911 nerd. Most people would buy the most expensive pistol of their lives and put it in a safe and bring it out once in while to show off or fondle… not me lets blast.

    I had 5 brand new Wilson ETMs and 3 cases of ammo just in time to go shoot… and not clean. My Schedule with work was a bit wacky so I didn't go through the 2000 rounds as fast as I had hoped. But along the way I carried the gun and shot several IDPA matches. In the hot GA sun, in the pouring rain during 2 IDPA matches, shoot 3-500, then let it bake in a sweaty holster, every time you pull the trigger this gun goes bang.

    Shooting in the rain

    Except for one mag induced malfunction the gun has been a flawless tack driver.

    On mag #3 of my new ETMs during dry fire I dropped the mag onto my tile kitchen floor and the follower popped out , I put it back in and didn't think much of it until the following Sunday at a match. I was overshooting as usual, and went for a reload, drop the slide and *whap* double feed. Immediate action, I saw the two rounds jammed in the breach so I stripped, racked and slammed a new mag in to finish the stage. I deadlined the mag to look at later, once I got home I could take the mag and tap it against my palm and the follower would pop out. If I put rounds in it I could shake the mag and rounds fly out… obvious feed lip out of speck issue.

    Well after much TL;DR here are dirty pics of the newly renamed "Pigpen". Note the caked on red clay and hand gook… that carries through to the inside, I found mud and bits of burned up pine straw on the outside of the barrel near the lugs.

    on top of some of the brass from the test

    pulled the slide off to get a better view of the gunk, drew back a handfull of black

    Mostly just baked on powder crud. Frog Lube works folks!

    Chris wants me to keep shooting till something breaks... but the lack of Hoppes smell in my house is sending me into withdrawals.

    Next on the list after cleaning is a new rear sight that Chris has designed and a Wilson flat wire recoil spring. Then maybe another few thousand rounds of abuse.

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