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Thread: The Gadget REVEALED

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    The Gadget REVEALED

    Safely Holstering a Striker Fired Gun: The Hardware Solution

    As many of you know, one big advantage of a hammer fired gun is that it allows you to ride the hammer with your thumb as you holster, dramatically reducing the danger of suffering an accidental discharge whether it's your index finger, some piece of clothing, or part of your kit that gets inside the trigger guard. Downward pressure on the hammer counteracts upward pressure on the trigger, and more importantly any movement of the trigger is immediately felt by your thumb as the hammer starts to move.

    Soon, a similar capability will be coming to striker fired (SFA) guns:

    (all intellectual property rights reserved to Tom Jones & Todd Louis Green)

    The as-yet-unnamed gadget prevents the striker (and therefore the trigger) from moving when adequate force is applied to the hinged slide plate. Even if excessive force is put on the trigger, the operator gets a tactile "warning" through the slide plate when it begins to press into his thumb.

    Another major design consideration was dealing with potential wear or even breakage. The "gadget" actually consists of two slide plates, one static and one hinged. The static plate remains in place even if the hinged part breaks or falls off, retaining the striker just like a standard stock Glock slide plate. All you lose is the added safety while holstering... the pistol continues to function 100% reliably.

    While the patent process is in full swing and we've begun field testing, we cannot answer too many questions about it yet. We also can't predict when the gadget will be available commercially. But because Tom and I are both shooting guns with this installed and other field testers will be getting theirs before too long, it seemed appropriate to announce its existence now rather than wait until people started asking about the mysterious moving slide cover plate on our Glocks.
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    Very good idea Todd, ingenious solution to the SFA AIWB problem.

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    Very cool! It's a better gadget than what I was expecting.

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    A product idea with a lot of potential.

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    Nice! Now more of us Glock shooters can AIWB without buying a P30.

    Officially volunteering to T&E and be a Glock guinea pig.

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    This is most awesome. Functionally, this beats exposed striker of walther/hk/xd/caracal/whatever. Need volunteers for befa-testing? I am shooting g19 till at least October ...

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    Very interesting for the AIWB crowd.
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    Just like flat faced triggers and 4.5# connectors, this will be on every one of my Glocks.

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    Very slick. Can't wait to see one up close and personal.
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