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Thread: .375 H&H

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    .375 H&H

    This morning, I verified zero with my 6+1 cartridge, 7 pound Brockman .375 H&H model 70, with 300 grain Trophy Bonded ammo, that I plan to take deer hunting on Kodiak Island in a few weeks. With zero confirmed, I got to shoot 200 yard steel -- let's just say the recoil was invigorating, and the steel swinger moved a tad further than with .556 or 7.62x51. Afterwards I shot some Brenneke slugs at 100 yards thru my Beretta Storm shotgun and Vang 14 inch 870, and they felt sub-caliber by comparison.
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    Damn, that's a rifle.
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    GJM, that's an absolutely awesome piece.
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    Bloody marvelous.

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    BAD ASS!! I so want a 375 some day. It looks great.

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    While .375 H&H isn't my first choice for a deer cartridge, the rifle/cartridge combination is out of respect for Alaska's largest brown bears which inhabit the area we will be hunting. My wife is carrying a .338 WM, and I am substituting a four inch Scandium .44 for my regular Glock 20/29 back-up handgun.

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    I've got that rifle's little brother. It's a Brockman built Rem 600 Scout with the same color green painted stock, .308, Ching sling, finished in Birdsong's Black-T and a M700 bolt handle.

    I really need to get a camera.

    My .375 is a Winchester M70 Classic Stainless.

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    Emphasis mine.

    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    This morning, I verified zero with my 6+1 cartridge, 7 pound Brockman .375 H&H model 70, with 300 grain Trophy Bonded ammo,

    Oh, and what sling is that?

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    The sling is something I made up myself, with an objective of offering the "sling up" ability of a Ching sling, but at less weight and using just two instead of three attach points. I took part of a Langlois Ching sling and added a simple AR style carry strap.

    This rifle also started 10 or 12 years ago, as a stainless, synthetic, controlled feed modern model 70, and has gone through various iterations over the years. Jim Brockman has laid hands on virtually every bolt and lever gun I have.

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    Oh my! Now there's a business gun.

    I've shot a 10+lb .375 (my bro's old Win Mdl 70- straight taper 25" barrel, somewhat mindful of a truck axle) but I dunno about a 7 lb'er.

    The old H&H is hard on prairie dogs.
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