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Thread: Class Review: Aim Fast Hit Small

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    Class Review: Aim Fast Hit Small

    For the past two days, through rain and shine, eight of us participated in's first ever Aim Fast Hit Small class.

    Class Description: Aim Fast, Hit Small is designed to take successful graduates of Aim Fast, Hit Fast (AFHF) and push them to the next level. “Small” builds on the techniques taught in “Fast” with tighter accuracy and speed expectations. Classroom and lecture time is kept to a minimum with almost every minute of class dedicated to live fire on the range. Particular focus is placed on hitting small, distant, and/or high risk targets under time pressure; shooting under stress; and shooting on the move. The smaller class size allows maximum one-on-one interaction and coaching to diagnose shooter issues and develop personalized training goals to overcome them.

    I would say this class was exactly as advertised. This small group had the opportunity to run a broad range of drills from the well known F.A.S.T. (congratulations to Jay for a smoking 5.91 on that one!) to shooting multiple small steel targets on the move, to weak-hand-only bullseye at 25 yards. Through each of these exercises, we were constantly getting critiqued and minor (or major) adjustments made to technique, with students showing distinct improvement throughout the two-day class. We had a solid, switched on group to start with, but we still got tested, pushed and drawn on with marker, all to great effect.

    I'm sure a more complete AAR is coming, but since I don't think I've even completely dried off yet from TD2's deluge, I'll just sign off for now with some shots to get people started. Nice work to Todd and all the students for another great class.

    Reloading on the clock

    Nothing like some 25 yard bullseye to test your fundamentals.

    Keeping Score

    Feeling F.A.S.T.?

    High Port, on the move

    Stand by...

    On the move.

    A smoking gun in the pouring rain... that pretty much sums up TD2.

    Todd doesn't even need a real gun anymore... that's how much he practices.
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    All the cool kids dried out at Chili's...

    Awesome photos, dude. I want that first one for my website!

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    Really cool pics. Thanks for posting those.

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    Really cool pics. Most people go and do goofy coloring stuff and mess everything up but these look really awesome.
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    It was a great class.

    It's definitely a class that keeps the lecture to a minimum, maximizes one on one instruction, and doesn't have a lot of fluff. It's a class that I can take again and again where 1/3rd of the class won't be too basic or redundant.

    It made me realize that I need to kick my training in to high gear, I really felt my lack of serious/hard training with too many dropped shots.

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    Nice pics! I especially like the smokin' M&P.
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    great pics, very gritty imagery. and good review too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToddG View Post
    Awesome photos, dude. I want that first one for my website!
    Speaking of, what's that attached to your earpro in that photo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jslaker View Post
    Speaking of, what's that attached to your earpro in that photo?
    *I think*

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    Todd looks so judgmental in pictures... on pic number four I can feel the stare!!!
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