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Thread: ToddG for Beginners

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    ToddG for Beginners

    As a relatively new shooter, I've learned a lot from reading and the forums here. However, also as a new shooter, I've occasionally felt very intimidated trying to run the current drills of the week. Trying to run "Press Six" as your first ever press-out drill is not going to be a very successful endeavor (nor was it ever intended to be). I recently discovered, in going through the older archives, that some of the original posts on pistol-training were more novice-oriented. However after nearly five years of posting, they have become somewhat buried. So I dug them up and organized them, and am posting them here to help other newcomers to the sport. I am currently working through this exact list in my own training regimen, and so far am finding it very helpful.

    Thanks again to ToddG for sharing so much great shooting knowledge with anyone with an internet connection!

    These are organized according to ToddG's post on the order in which we should organize our training.

    That order is:
    1. Safety
    2. Gun Handling
    3. Marksmanship
    4. Speed
    5. Application

    I hope that after practicing these drills, a new shooter would be good enough to benefit from the current "Drill of the Week" - ie, they can be working on "Speed" and be ready to get started on "Application."


    Cardinal Rules
    Anecdotal Stories of Injuries


    DotW: Basic Reload Practice:
    Slide Release or Rack the Slide?


    Wall Drill:
    DotW: Accuracy
    DotW: Accuracy II
    DotW: Walkback
    Dealing with Flinch - DotW: Ball & Dummy
    Correction Target Do's and Don't's
    "My pistol shoots low"


    DotW: Tracking Your Sights
    DotW: Tracking Your Sights II
    DotW: Press outs
    DotW: The Draw
    DotW: Drawback Drill
    DotW: Changing Gears
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    Excellent.! Thanks.!

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    Nice post! It's always a good idea to go back to basics-lord knows I have to recall them every time I go to the range
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    Thanks for Posting! I now have my training plan for the next trip to the range. Now to go by OfficeMax for 3x5 cards.

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    I go to the local dollar store - they often have packs of 3x5s in white and in bright colors for a buck.

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    thanks for taking the time to organize that info.
    i havent gotten any 3x5 cards so ive been using 3x3 post it notes myself. really i should be using 4x6 cards...

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    Good stuff! Thanks for putting these together.

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    Awesome! Thank you.

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    The nutshell!
    Awesome.... Thanks

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    This information is great, much thanks for posting it!

    I'd really like to see a Wiki spin off of Pistol Training and Pistol Forum. Stuff like this would go there, in a much more discoverable form than it currently is in. Even with search, it's too easy to miss what you are looking for.

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