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Thread: Strategies and Standards for Defensive Handgun Training

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    Strategies and Standards for Defensive Handgun Training

    Strategies and Standards for Defensive Handgun Training

    by Karl Rehn (Author), John Daub (Author)

    Wish to recommend this by my good friend and mentor, Karl Rehn. Bought it the other day and the content is excellent. Karl has been mentioned in our posts many times. John is a great guy also. I recall him 'shooting me' when I violated common sense in a FOF/medical class. Ouch.

    The description:

    What percentage of carry permit holders attend training beyond the state minimum? What are the barriers keeping people from attending firearms training that isn't mandatory? What are realistic standards for minimum defensive handgun competency? What are the best drills to practice? How can you compare the difficulty level of one drill to another? Written by two trainers with decades of experience, this book explores those questions and others related to defensive pistol training.
    Amazon has it which helps p-f it you go through here.

    I first met Karl when I moved to TX and he was teaching a basic handgun class through U of T Austin continuing ed. Then I took his AT series and took advantage of his guest hosting of great folks like Insights, Tom Givens, Dave Spaulding, etc. Met Paul Gomez through a class there.

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    Just ordered. Thanks for the heads up on this book.

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    I'd like to add my two cents to the recommendation. I've been through several classes at KR Training and can vouch for both Karl's and John's knowledge, expertise and teaching styles. Both of them also have well-thought-out and well-written blogs concerning self-defense shooting and other things (Karl is a professional keyboardist and John likes to lift heavy things). I'm looking forward to my copy of this book.

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    +1 to this. As a musician himself Karl is careful to schedule his classes so that even church musicians have the opportunity to attend most of them, or at least the Saturday morning ones.

    As my wife and I are both full time church musicians, I know, part of a dying breed, we really appreciate that we can get that level of training and still get to our Masses.

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    I just got this book and I've skipped around and read parts of it.

    To answer the question "Why don't more people practice or get training? well the answer to that is simple. Some people are intellectually curious and like to learn new things. Most people are not. Most people over estimate their level of skill and competence which leads to complacency.

    Attempting to define what might be considered a minimal level of competence and providing some drills to develop those skills is a worthy effort. Lots of people really don't have a training plan of any kind when they "go shooting" and so, while they might enjoy themselves they aren't doing anything to maintain or increase their abilities.

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    I have managed to pass on two copies of this book to two different instructors here in Arizona who I feel are in very good positions to influence the largest number of students in Maricopa County, and more importantly seem to have an open mind.

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    Karl and crew did a solid job on this book. My only minor complaint is that the printing didn't make the various charts presented very clear due to lack of color and contrast. That's a small gripe as the material is very usable for your defensive pistol journey.
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