I got my first mag loader around the age of 10. It was a Ramline mag loader for the 10/22. Back then, Ramline was a pretty big producer of high cap mags for the 10/22 and they were almost impossible to load without a loader. Being the son of career mechanical engineer, Iíve always enjoyed having a mechanical advantage in life and actively sought them out. When I gravitated away from 1911s about 6 years ago and started shooting higher volume I immediately began searching for a way to easier load double stack mags. Enter the Uplula! Iím still on my original Uplula purchased off $amzn a few years ago and it has served me very well. However, about 3 months ago I came upon a video of the MagPump for 9mm double stacks. They touted that it can load a multitude of different manufacturers: Glock, M&P, Sig, Ber, and CZ. I found one at Brownells for a little less than $95 and added a coupon to get it a tad cheaper. I was mostly interested in itís Glock loading ability. When it came in I put it together and tried it out. The first 30 min were pretty frustrating...The rds were seeming to hang and not drop from the upper unit to the lower unit. At this point, I really thought it would be going back in the morning. However, I kept playing with it and eventually the stars aligned and it started performing as advertised! It also helped to spray a little dry lube in it.

The way it works is you drop a handful (up to 50) rds in the hopper and then start cranking the lever, using gravity and a nifty, for lack of a better word, ďagitatorĒ the rds proceed down from the hopper to the lower unit where they are flipped nose down then loaded into the mag. Each different gun manufacturer uses a unique sleeve that aligns the mag and allows it to lock in using the mag release notch/hole.

Over the next few weeks I loaded around 7000 rds, all reloads(147FP), into the 25 or so range mags I use. Currently, I use about 10 Magpul 21rd, 10 Glock OEM 17s, a couple of ETS 22s, and just added some Glock 19rd and 24rd OEMs. The loader performed well with all of them. You can literally load a 24 rd mag in ~15 sec or less. You do have to pay attention b/c the loader can very easily load 18rds on a OEM 17 or 20 in the OEM 19.

However, it hasnít been all fun and games. I attempted to load M&P mags with it and torqued the lever too much and caused a catastrophic failure. I was pretty bummed b/c again I loved the unit when it was working. That night, I filled out a form on the MagPump website describing what happened and the next morning I had a gentleman from MagPump calling me. I explained to him what happened and he asked a few questions. He basically said that the unit works best with Glock mags and round nose bullets, but he would take a look at it and either repair it or send a new one. He sent a return label. I received the unit back rebuilt within a week. He also emailed me with what service was performed(updated to new lever and updated new lower housings). He also said he ran it with FPs, HP, and RNs with Glock mags with great success. At any rate, I have put another 5k through it and itís actually performing even better than originally. I also like using it to make some random ball and dummy mags to work on my flinch reflex.

A little more about myself. Iím married with 4 young kids, so shooting time is at a premium. I usually shoot 2-3 times at week when I get a lunch break. When Iím home I donít have much time to devote to jamming mags, so this little guy comes in handy greatly reducing that time.

If you load tons of mags (especially Glock) this thing is great!
Speed, I typically load 500ish rds in around 10-15 min
Lifetime No BS Warranty
Leverage makes it super easy to load the ultra hi cap glock 24 and 33 rd sticks
Can easily break down for cleaning

Not for everyone; some people have all the time in the world to jam mags for of pills
Quite a bit more pricey than a Uplula, like 4x
Only supports a limited number of gun models
Long term durability still a question mark
Bullet profile still a question mark
The one time I tried something other than a Glock mag, it shit the bed big time.