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Thread: Carry rotation. What is it?

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    Carry rotation. What is it?

    I cruise gun forums most every day and the term 'carry rotation' always comes up but it's never been explained.

    Do people rotate carry guns for some reason, or is it more a cadre of pistols that they may carry?

    I have several pistols that I carry depending on concealment requirements, carry method or position, ambient conditions (extreme dust or not), activities while carrying, etc.

    I carry a pistol that will fit whatever I'm doing that day.

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    Like you, I have a couple different pistols I carry based on the circumstances of that day/situation. There are many gun carrying people who have a collection of guns and rotate their carry gun on a regular basis because they like to collect and carry many different guns.

    I have seen many of these same people post things about putting that new gun into their "carry rotation" after "15 flawless rounds".
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    When I worked at a gun store I would change carry guns every couple of months to whatever new gun (or gun/holster combination) I would be focusing on evaluating. A couple folks I worked with would treat their guns as either fashion accessories or sales tools (and I've done the same on both accounts) but I don't know if I'd call it a "carry rotation."
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    A mistake.
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    Most of those guys that are discussing 'carry rotation' are actually talking about their fashion accessories. I get carrying a specific gun for a specific purpose, or adding to an EDC, I don't get having a Gun Of The Day.
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    As Todd (we are forever reduced by his loss) so eloquently pointed out in the link JAD shared, a rotation is just picking your favorite fashion accessory.

    In my opinion, it should boil down to 2-3 guns for most people. Gun one - Primary service-sized gun in service-sized caliber. Gun two - Backup gun in compact/sub-compact flavor, maybe in service-sized caliber or maybe smaller. Gun three - Larger caliber primary gun for outdoor/wilderness work in a given area. May be a magnum revolver or full-size, full-power semi-auto (ala 10mm or .45 Super).

    Ideally all of those guns would be in the same caliber, share accessories, and have the exact same fire-control mechanisms. And ideally people in hell want ice water. For me, it's a double-stack 9mm as Gun 1, and a 5-shot J-frame as Gun 2. And sometimes Gun 2 is the primary and Gun 1 gets left in the trunk as my "backup".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheeler View Post
    Most of those guys that are discussing 'carry rotation' are actually talking about their fashion accessories.

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    I have several flavors of 9mm Glock that I will carry depending on the weather/clothing I am wearing that day. The only guns I carry that do not have "Glock" and "9x19" on them are a 9mm Shield w/o safety (Basically a Glock) and a J frame, because they fill a niche that doublestacks can't.

    Other than that, no, I do not rotate carry guns. Sometimes I even feel guilty about the Shield and contemplate swapping it for a Glock 43...

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    If you don't center your whole life around one single gun (and a Clinch Pick) you aren't doing it right. Everyone knows that.

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