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  1. Anyone else find it strange that most British and SKorean Police DON'T carry pistols?
  2. Law Enforcement Forum Mission Statement
  3. PA State Police and SIG P227R
  4. The 2-3-4 Rule
  5. Retired California LEO's and "Assault Weapons" question?
  6. Duty Gun Breakdown
  7. APD - Personally Owned Weapons
  8. Part-time police work
  9. gunned down at the Waffle House
  10. Question regarding legality of traffic stop
  11. Switching Duty Weapons
  12. Institutional Problems at the Dallas PD
  13. Courthouse attack: Deputy wounded, suspect down, 06/06/2014
  14. Holster for C.A.T. Tourniquet
  15. Attn PT gurus.... Help me improve my Academy PFT.
  16. Simulators?
  17. Video from Alexander Co. NC
  18. Reenactment (short film) of Kyle Dinkheller shooting **GRAPHIC**
  19. Open top duty mag pouches
  20. Lessons from Stewart Shootout
  21. APD revamps pistol training
  22. HB60 vs Georgia Weapons Carry License vs Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004
  23. Officer shot and killed during traffic stop today 7/30/14
  24. Slick-Top patrol cars
  25. Iowa PCSO ND
  26. Glendale, AZ COPS tackle
  27. Dept. Of agriculture orders ballistic body armor
  28. Sad Anniversary
  29. Latest Pursuit Case Law Decision
  30. Appropriate gear and weaponry for cops....
  31. Foot Pursuits:How Fast Should a LEO be?
  32. Uniform question
  33. Remington 870: 18" vs 14" for patrol
  34. Which personal GPS to augment MDT terminal?
  35. Latest on Police and Racial Bias
  36. Code 4 Back-up Flashlight
  37. Detective Uniform
  38. I-70 Killer & the Erma Werke ET-22
  39. Officer down.
  40. Tactics at car stop
  41. Dedicated Simmunition Building
  42. Officer Involved: A Documentary
  43. Parts for Safariland hoslters
  44. New FSRC newsletter; Cops less likely to shoot black suspects
  45. safariland holsters
  46. Case study: Seated subjects
  47. Safariland SLS & Glock Beavertails
  48. False Sexual Harassment Complaints Against Officers....
  49. Body cameras: Which one?
  50. Search, search, search!!!
  51. Smart guns? Recording shots? New tech.
  52. S&W 442 vs LCR 9mm for backup
  53. Force Science Certification Course
  54. To Retire the Shotgun or Not?
  55. LE Pros; You're Needed in Academia.......
  56. To ASP or not to ASP, that is the question.....
  57. Duty belt suspenders....how are they working for you?
  58. How Bad Guys Get Guns.
  59. Transition to Striker-Fired Pistols
  60. Weird firearms forensics book
  61. The Future of LE?
  62. Beansbags from not dedicated shotguns
  63. Restraiint as taught in police training
  64. A thank you to LEO's!
  65. NYC 12/20/14, two NYPD officers LODD
  66. Cops being Cops yet once again....
  67. Elected Officials :Strategic Sabotaging of Police?
  68. Why isn't the Bullpup More Common...
  69. Good Rifle Plate options for LEO
  70. Stoppages & Malfunctions ... What?
  71. Are any LEO's using the Leupold VX-R 1.25-4 scopes on their M4s?
  72. APD - Officer shot during traffic stop.
  73. Another Albuquerque Police Officer Shot
  74. Concealable armor
  75. The speed of lethal force
  76. Jackets and Guns don't mix part II
  77. Oregon City Body Armor Carrier
  78. Anyone remember this guy?
  79. Northrup v City of Toledo
  80. OK - OIS video released.
  81. Rechargeable duty flashlights-what are you using?
  82. Revamping agency's Firearms training.
  83. Ballistic Helmets for Patrol
  84. This is what happens when the Good Idea Fairy takes over your department
  85. RFI: 1911 Policy/Transition Course
  86. Gunfight Veteran Interview
  87. Truth About Police Violence
  88. IACP - Ambush Fact Sheet
  89. Louisiana Police Officer Indicted for Negligent Homicide
  90. So what is the best course of action in this situation?
  91. Memphis questions
  92. Red/Green color blindness
  93. Survey on police weapons and opinions
  94. AIWB-duty belt dichotomy
  95. Fairfax County Ad Hoc Police Commission
  97. BUG Options
  98. Good example of staying heads up while in the cop car
  99. A good read for those who need such info; Taser use on excited delirium subjects
  100. How many times do you have to practice in Federal Law enforcement?
  101. WashPost Ran Comprehensive Investigation of Police Shootings, Ran Sunday
  102. Body camera footage of attempted stabbing of LEO
  103. Rethinking use of force and interview with Dennis Tueller
  104. Searching with drawn gun
  105. Garland PD shooting
  106. Good article by Dr. David Klinger on police shooting and aftermaths.
  107. Patrol Rifles on Motorcycles
  108. Looking for a good rifle qual
  109. Extreme Caution
  110. Article: Are "Too Many" People Dying from Police Use of Force?
  111. Eyewitness memory and critical incidents
  112. Sixth Circuit Appeals Court decision re: open carry in Ohio
  113. Miss K-9 LEO saved by partner and the automatic door opener
  114. "Dont Become A Cop"
  115. Any cases of people continuing to fight after a 12guage?
  116. Police Militarization, Canadian Style...
  117. Ezell Ford (OIG's Public Report)
  118. McKinney, TX Pool Party Response
  119. Seized gun check in
  120. Coordinated attack on pd station
  121. FBI lawsuit concerning S&W 1076
  122. Heinz Field, Pittsburgh?
  123. Deputy Loses Everyting In House Fire
  124. OIS Cincinnati Ohio
  125. How NOT to make a felony traffic stop.
  126. Oklahoma Highway Patrol Adopts Sig P320.
  127. Data on Police Shootings this year so far
  128. Hipster Stories...
  129. A Little Good News
  130. Off-Duty Badge Carry Methods
  131. When should training scenarios end, post OIS procedures, and body cameras.
  132. Taser Axon Flex mounting options
  133. Blue Falcon - Officer fired for Tampering with colleague's Duty Rifle
  134. Video of OIS (knife) Seattle
  135. Outer vest carrier for issued soft armor - suggestions/opinions
  136. Paraclete Speed Plates
  137. What would you do?
  138. NYT Article on Force Science and Dr. Lewinsky
  139. Cali bans use of Grand Juries in police shooting cases.
  140. Two Officers Being Choked By One Suspect in the UK
  141. Study: Federal Air Marshals often "sleep deprived " " Medicated"
  142. Clear and concise verbal commands.
  143. Rancho Cordova Officer fires at Sacramento Sheriffs Deputy
  144. "Either you buy these, or I take your car"
  145. Small of the Back, cases?
  146. Would you label #BLM & the offshoot movements terrorists or terrorist organizations?
  147. DC police vote No-Confidence in Chief Cathy Lanier
  148. Use of Deadly Force article
  149. Ret. Captain Philip Hemphill (MS Hwy Patrol) 100 Yard shot with .380acp
  150. LE UOF Video thread
  151. Any studies of psychological stops?
  152. attacks with moving vehicles
  153. Large Flashlight Recommendation for Duty Belt
  154. What stats would you like to see for armed citizen vs criminal?
  155. NYPD and the Glock 17 ?
  156. Open Uniform Carry at 1 or 2 o'clock experiences?
  157. HR218 and DC
  158. Michigan State Police dropping.40 P226s, moving to Glock 17s
  159. Inside an FBI Hostage Crisis - WSJ.com
  160. RFI- Changes in issued pistol and/or lights
  161. Dealing with the Mentally Disturbed (Paranoid Schizoprehnic) ?
  162. Healthy food ideas for Night shift?
  163. LE Knife
  164. End of watch...............
  165. Pink handcuffs
  166. Expired Body Armor Study?
  167. "Ferguson Effect"?
  168. Rule 4 or Why the Deputy Didn't Shoot Back
  169. Hinged vs chain handcuffs
  170. New Denver policy on shooting at cars
  171. CO Springs Officers Will No Longer Take Fitness Tests After Discrimination Lawsuit
  172. Car seat query
  173. Awards for not using deadly force
  174. Point Guns at Innocents
  175. Explain Hats to Me - Troopers
  176. Another trooper question: college football security details
  177. CCW encounter that could have went badly.
  178. equipment quesion
  179. May be returning to patrol. Upgrades?
  180. Sgt. Ricks tells it like it is...media actually prints it!
  181. Response to active shooters by officers - NYTimes article
  182. Entire police force quits all at once in South Carolina town
  183. We won't you provide with functioning equipment, but we will sure punish you for it.
  184. San Bernadino County SO Mini-14s
  185. Seattle OIS 12/06/15
  186. Washington State Academy trying new approach: Guardians instead of Warriors
  187. Biggest Pinnochio - Hands up, WaPo
  188. LASD Lynwood shooting
  189. EDPs with knives
  190. Need copies of your dept policy on a few things
  191. Warrior mindset - problem?
  192. We need to remember to be safe, especially around the holidays
  193. Analysis of police shootings
  194. DC Police Force Struggling To Keep Up
  195. The magic bullet to LE misconduct is a blank .....
  196. This Must be Some Kind of CNN Prank! Right?
  197. In this issue I continue my jihad against
  198. Why We Can't Have Nice Things
  199. Duty Belt Holder for Estrela
  200. In reference to motives for homicides question
  201. Idiots doing idiotic things with guns due to idiocy
  202. Phila Officer ambushed by islamic extremist
  203. Brass Knuckles....
  204. Remember the Grand Canyon Grandfather? He's been murdered.
  205. In car camera systems?
  206. Armstrong v. Village of Pinehurst; Fourth Circuit case regarding Taser use
  207. FINALLY, a dual wielding robber
  208. Looking for a video
  209. Police Shootings: Are Cops Usually at Fault? No. Some Facts - National Review
  210. question re: blue label Glock sales
  211. LE Training for Plain Clothes
  212. Talon Defense opinions ??
  213. Fraternal Order of Police Data Dump
  214. Police firearms policy-SME suggestions.
  215. Opinions on when you find a knife?
  216. A British cop's experience with the Detroit PD
  217. And now this BS from PERF
  218. The Myths of Black Lives Matter - WSJ
  219. Guns in the hospitals
  220. How do you deal with commanders/top brass who are out of touch...?
  221. San Francisco Two Bullet Rule
  222. Ballistic Entry Shields
  223. An refreshing anomoly not often witnessed from the LE community.
  224. NJ Charges Out-of-State LEO With Felony for Having His Legal Gun With Him
  225. Fort bend county tx suing wife and children of fallen deputy
  226. "Tactical De-escalation" and how its going to get people killed.
  227. New Data Analysis Shows Policing Isn't Racist
  228. Harrassment
  229. One of our officers injured in shooting.
  230. Petition: Let federal LEOs keep their weapons upon retirement
  231. Pa. to Florida auto trip
  232. Significant Case on Rule 2, 3, 4
  233. Help finding case
  234. Questions over assault weapon used by Mesa officer facing murder charge
  235. WV state troopers saves himself via "Get Off Me" knife work
  236. Personally Owned Weapons
  237. Being both Cautious and Friendly
  238. LEO thoughts on moving from duty P226 9mm to P227 .45acp?
  239. Active Shooter Shotgun Bag
  240. Being a good witness?
  241. Chicago Murders
  242. What's so hard doing about felony stops?
  243. Police Dog "Severe use of force"
  244. Advice for a new Patrol Sergeant
  245. Police should know better than to routinely "inventory" cars being towed, court rules
  246. Arizona sheriff hopes Russian-designed rubber-bullet handgun will save lives
  247. Estrela Alternative
  248. Old timer sayings
  249. Police Cadet Shot During Training (Ohio)
  250. Promotional Oral Board suggestions/recommendations/tips/etc