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Thread: Intro to Handgun / Carbine (One day course)

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    Intro to Handgun / Carbine ~ March 12, 2011. Sacramento, CA

    Intro to Handgun / Carbine (one day)
    Instructor: G. Gray
    Date: March 12, 2011 0830 to 1630 Hours
    Location: Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, California

    Description: This class will be an introduction to both the handgun and carbine. The first part of the day will cover the basic handgun fundamentals followed by the second part of the day which will go over the basic fundamentals of the carbine, both weapon blocks will also cover different shooting positions, loading and unloading, tactical reloads/emergency reloads, malfunction drills plus transitioning from a primary to a secondary weapon system.

    We use the methodology of utilizing the same fighting stance no matter what weapon system you are using. This gives the weapon handler the ability to move and be able to stop at any position and be in a solid shooting platform and not have to worry about what position they need to be in when using different weapons. This class will be a basic class, but as in all of SCT courses if the students are ALL online with the basics, we will progress to other intermediate techniques.

    • Modern Working Carbine
    • Tictical Stype Sling (capalbe of carrying carbine muzzle down)
    • 300 rounds (rifle)
    • 3 Carbine Magazines
    • Magazine carrier, chest rig, belt pouches (choose gear realistic to your objective)
    • Handgun (9mm or larger mid to full size semi-auto)
    • Holster & Magazine Carrier (Open, Concealed, Duty or Tactical)
    • 200 rounds (handgun)
    • 3 Handgun Magazines
    • Knee/Elbow pads (recommended - not required)
    • Weather appropriate gear (rain gear, sunscreen, etc.)
    • Eye and ear protection
    • Bring your lunch
    • Hydrate

    Weather does not dictate the fight nor should it affect your training! Wear weather appropriate clothing. No shorts or open toed shoes will be allowed!

    Tuition: $150.00
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