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Thread: 2,000 Round Challenge

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    Nice run by the RX Argent

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    Pistol: HK VP9

    Caliber: 9mm

    S&B 115 grain FMJ
    S&B 124 grain FMJ
    American Eagle 115 grain FMJ
    Fiocchi 115 grain FMJ
    Speer Lawman 115 grain FMJ
    Speer Lawman 124 grain FMJ
    Armscor 115 grain FMJ
    Wolf Mil Spec 115 grain FMJ
    Wolf Polyformance 115 grain FMJ
    Silver Bear 115 grain FMJ
    Brown Bear 115 grain FMJ
    Barnaul White Box 115 grain FMJ
    PMC Bronze 115 grain FMJ
    Magtech 115 grain FMJ
    Fiocchi 124 grain FMJ
    American Eagle 147 grain FMJ
    Speer Lawman 147 grain FMJ
    Blazer Brass 147 grain FMJ
    Magtech 124 grain FMJ
    Blazer Brass 124 grain FMJ
    constant auto forwards.

    Dates of testing: 4/2019

    Total rounds fired: 2145

    Stoppages: 1 : 147 grain flat nose round stuck on feed ramp during auto forward.

    Malfunctions: 0

    Breakages: 0

    The VP9 had a great run with a huge variety of ammunition. The only stoppage was a strange one, around 1800 rounds in, I did an anemic reload and the slide auto forwarded, catching the flat 147 grain FMJ round on the dirty feed ramp. Solved with a tap rack easily. Were the gun not dirty, the ammo 147, or my reload more or less aggressive, I doubt it would have happened.

    About my only beef with the gun is that is constantly autoforwards on reloads, (as do the P30 HKs). Is it a feature or bug? I definitely got used to it and was slow on the slide release when it didnít happen.

    Otherwise it is an incredible shooting gun that I highly recommend for Glock phobic people. I shot it consistently near my highest level of performance, and what more can you want? There is absolutely no blaming the gun for your failures with this one.

    The striker drop issue: well, I donít think it is an issue. Yes, I can make the striker drop at will in this gun, but it requires grabbing the muzzle and hammering the grip down on a hard surface. I also dropped the bejeebers out of the thing from 6 feet high on to stall mats and I could never get the striker to fall even once in a drop. It mentally annoys me that it can happen, but I just donít think it would happen in any real world conditions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
    This has always been my belief, after 400-500 rounds 1911s will need lube.
    Attachment 31643

    I've had some very tightly fitted carbon steel 1911s that required lube (slide action became sluggish) before 150 rounds. I'd imagine a tightly fitted stainless 1911 would need lube before that.

    If you're a shooter, the super tight ones are a PITA. If you're a gun fondler, you'll like them.
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    Finished the 2000 round challenge with my Gen 2 G17 yesterday.

    Pistol: Glock G17 Gen 2
    Caliber: 9x19mm
    Ammunition: 124g American Eagle
    Dates of testing: 17 Feb, 2019 - 15 June, 2018
    Total rounds fired: 2091
    Stoppages: 0
    Malfunctions: Numerous failures of slide to lock back on an empty mag. I gave up counting.
    Breakages: 0

    The almost 25 year old Gen 2 has ben a very good performing gun for me. I broke a few personal records with it, itís been reliable, and it shoots quite well. Itís proved to be a capable training and backup gun for my Gen 5 and though the Gen 5 is a better gun in every way, I wouldnít feel at a disadvantage if I had to use the Gen 2 in a match.

    I really like the slide finish on the Gen 2, it is just so easy to manipulate for administrative tasks. The Gen 5 locks up way tighter and itís quite a bit harder to press check and rack the slide. I like the slab side panels of the Gen 2 and could do without the dimples on later generations. Skate tape works nicely on Gen 2 guns and you can get it high up on the side panel, where it belongs (looking at YOU Glock). The Gen 2 did not lock back reliably on an empty mag, but I have this issue frequently with my Gen 5 too. I just grip the gun a bit too high.

    Final thoughts are that Gen 2ís are great guns. You can usually find them cheap, and if I was on a budget, I would pick up an older Gen 2, a spare parts kit, and be happier with it than just about any new budget gun.

    Obligatory dirty pics:

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    Pistol: HK P30SK V3 (DA/SA)

    Caliber: 9mm

    S&B 115 grain FMJ
    S&B 124 grain FMJ
    Fiocchi 115 grain FMJ
    Winchester NATO 124 grain FMJ
    Magtech 115 grain FMJ
    Magtech 124 grain FMJ
    Fiocchi 124 grain FMJ
    Blazer Brass 124 grain FMJ
    American Eagle 115 grain FMJ
    American Eagle 124 grain FMJ
    American Eagle 147 grain FMJ
    Blazer Brass 115 grain FMJ
    Blazer Brass 147 grain FMJ
    Speer Lawman 115 grain FMJ
    Speer Lawman 124 grain FMJ
    Speer Lawman 147 grain FMJ
    Wolf poly 115 grain FMJ
    Silver Bear 115 grain FMJ
    Wolf Mil Spec Laquer FMJ

    Dates of testing: 5-6/2019

    Total rounds fired: 2032

    FTExtract: 2x Win 124 NATO, 3x S&B 115

    FT Lock Back on Empty: 10

    Malfunctions: none

    Breakages: none

    Impressions: this is a nifty little gun that shoots like a much bigger gun and grow better with use. In the hand it feels like a G26X with a G19 length grip using the pinky extender and a G26 length slide. This makes it a great shooter for its size. Slow fire accuracy was admirable. In rapid fire up close the slide cycles fast with minimal disruption of the sight picture coming back.

    However it has some warts: five failures to extract. That is a lot for an HK in my experience. They became less frequent as the test went on: 2 in the first 100, 2 more around 400, then a single one at 1300. It was decent ammo so I blame the gun for these.

    Most people arenít going to run thousands of rounds through their wee HK to ďshoot them in.Ē But, this is how HKs like to roll. This thing to its credit blew through 400 rounds of crappy steel ammo without a single problem. The steel has choked the Glocks lately usually with light primer strikes.

    Lighting primers is no problem with the stupid heavy hammer spring and 10.5 lb DA pull. There is little to nothing to be done about it with spring changes, so best just to learn it. The heavy pull didnít hurt accuracy much because it is so smooth with zero stacking before release. Still maybe LEM is better in this gun to avoid tendinitis. SA runs 3.5 lbs.

    Like all the P30 series, itís awesome ergonomically except, the enormous slide release levers that are a constant cause of FTLBE due to shooter thumb placement. I recommend going with a shorter slide release available from HK.

    The rail for a light is nice, but I found it constantly broke my support hand thumb nail along the side due to how I grip.

    Verdict: itís a keeper, but best to test thoroughly. I wonít give my my much smaller feeling Glock 26 for this gun, but if I were a TDA disciple, I would be all over this gun for carry.

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    Pistol: Glock 19 Gen 4..

    Pistol background.. ran 1100 rounds until BTF started. Replaced ejector (to a 30274) and Apex extractor. Cleaned the pistol and started over.. Placed the pistol into back up status and continued to carry an identically setup up G19 as an EDC. I shot this backup pistol in local matches and trained with it starting in June of last year. Today I eclipsed the 2000 round mark with it at a local match which I also won (no big deal.. it's a Fudd fest).

    2095 rounds fired, all Winchester white box 115grn RN.

    No stoppages, malfunctions, or anything. Runs perfect and it is now getting cleaned tonight and become my EDC pistol.

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    Dan Wesson Vigil 9mm
    Wilson ETM Magazines
    ~2,250 rounds mostly S&B
    Some lubrication along the way, but no cleaning until today.
    Pictures start from dirty to clean.
    No failures to anything once I received my ETM Magazines and that's when this test started.
    Just waiting for my holster from @JRCHolsters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pangloss View Post
    Pistol: Blue label Glock 19 Gen5, purchased new on 11/15/2017 via GSSF purchase certificate
    Caliber: 9x19mm
    Ammunition: 115 gr Aguila, 124 gr Aguila, 124 gr American Eagle, 124 gr +P Speer Gold Dots.
    Dates of Testing: 11/18/2017 to 05/03/2018
    Total Rounds Fired: 2000 across 17 separate range trips.
    Stoppages: 0
    Malfunctions: 0
    Breakages: 0

    Notes and Observations:
    - Pistol was not cleaned after purchase but was lubricated with WeaponShield Gun Oil.
    - Prior to starting the test, I replaced the Glock factory sights with Ameriglo sights purchased from the blue label dealer (three dot, square notch, orange front).
    - Around 03/01/2018 I installed a Gadget. At that point, I'd shot 1,015 rounds through the pistol.
    - The second weekend in March, I shot ~400 rounds in Dave Spaulding's Handgun Combatives Class.
    - Zero brass to the face. The pistol seemed to slow down a little over the last 100 rounds. Ejection was not as good as earlier, but I say again: zero BTF.
    - This pistol is the third Glock 19 that I've put through the 2000 round challenge and the first one to make it through without any problems. I really like this pistol.
    I put this pistol through the 2,000 Round Challenge again. The first test detailed above was completed on 5/30/2018. After cleaning, I shot a few hundred rounds through it, cleaned it again, and started over with the challenge.

    Pistol: Gen 5 Glock 19
    Caliber: 9mm
    Ammunition: Blazer Brass 115 FMJ, S&B 115 gr FMJ, American Eagle 124 gr FMJ, Fiocchi 124 gr truncated cone FMJ.
    Dates of Testing: 03/31/2019 to 07/27/2019
    Total Rounds Fired: 2000 rounds across 13 separate range trips, including Dave Spaulding's Adaptive Combat Pistol class.
    Stoppages: 2
    - Stoppage #1 occurred on 04/06/2019 during a weak hand only drill during the Spaulding class. The gun had less that 500 rounds through it at this point. I probably deserve the blame for this one rather than the pistol, but a stoppage is a stoppage.
    - Stoppage #2 occurred on 07/21/2019 with about 2,800 rounds through the gun. I released the slide on a full magazine and the top round in the mag only made it about half way into the chamber. This range trip was my first shooting the Fiocchi truncated cone bullets, and the only time I've had this problem. I can't be sure that I released the slide briskly enough, but it's noteworthy that I've not experienced this stoppage with any other ammo.
    Malfunctions: 0
    Breakages: 0

    Notes and Observations
    - Total rounds through this pistol to date is 4,750. Except for the Striker Control Device, the gun is completely stock.
    - The pistol had one brass to the face on the first day of this challenge while shooting Blazer Brass Ammo. I won't buy this ammo any more as it causes problems in my Glocks and my H&Ks.
    - I still really like this pistol, and I need to buy a duplicate.

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    Pistol: Gen 5 Glock 19 MOS
    Dates of Testing: 06/26/2019-08/11/2019
    Rounds Fired: 2016
    Stoppages: 0
    Malfunctions: 2*
    Breakages: 0

    Notes: This is a blue label Gen 5 Glock 19 MOS purchased new in June 2019. No rounds were fired before beginning the test. It was quickly cleaned and lubricated with Slip 2000 EWL before beginning the test.

    The pistol has Ameriglo GL-429 sights installed as well as a Trijicon RMR07 Type 2, which is mounted on a C&H Precision Weapons Systems' v3 MOS plate. All internals are OEM. For close to 1100 rounds, it also had a Streamlight TLR7 attached to it. Approximately 1700 rounds were fired using OEM Gen 5 Glock 19 15-round magazines; approximately 300 were fired using Magpul PMAG GL9 21 round magazines.

    Ammunition Used:

    Speer Lawman 147gr TMJ x 712
    Remington B9MM3 115gr FMJ x 500
    Blazer Brass 147gr FMJ x 450
    Winchester White Box 115gr FMJ x 200
    Federal P9HST2 147gr FMJ x 89
    Speer Gold Dot 124gr+P GDHP x 65

    These rounds were fired across seven range trips.

    Malfunction 1 @ ~180 rounds: MOS plate loosened

    I went to the range to test-fire the gun and zero the RMR. I got a pretty good zero. When I got home, I noticed the MOS plate was loose on the gun. The screws attaching the RMR to the plate were in the same position. At that time, I removed the optic plate, degreased the screws, re-applied a dose of VibraTite VC3, and torqued down the screws. In the subsequent ~1800 rounds, no loosening of the plate was noted. During this re-install, the gun was field-stripped but no cleaning/lubrication was done.

    I do not personally count this malfunction against the gun: I believe it was error on my part during the installation of the MOS plate. Nevertheless, I documented this as a malfunction because, per the rules, it took more than 30 seconds to fix and required the use of tools.

    Malfunction 2 @ ~400 rounds: Ameriglo sight drifted to the left

    When installing the Ameriglo GL-429s, I only applied Loctite to the front sight screw because, in my experience, applying it to the rear sight was unnecessary. Within about 400 rounds, I noticed the rear sight was all the way to the left in the dovetail. I field stripped the gun and re-centered the sight, applying a generous dose of Loctite to its base. As before, no cleaning or lubrication was performed.

    As above, I personally consider this to be an installation error. The sight has not drifted since applying Loctite. Frankly, most of the rear sights I've used have either had a set screw or had to be fitted to the gun. The Ameriglo has no set screw and went in very easily. I should have installed Loctite from the beginning.

    Detail strip @ 2016 rounds:

    I noticed no abnormal wear or broken parts. In fact, I'm quite amazed at how little the gun has worn: it's been out of the holster hundreds of times over the past month and a half and it barely has any perceptible finish wear. There is a small spec on the left front corner of the slide which is worn, but otherwise the slide appears as new. There is wear on the barrel and breech face consistent with firing this amount of ammunition.

    The RMR:

    The RMR is going strong. Today, I reconfirmed my zero and put 4 out of 5 rounds in the 10-ring at 25 yards with my carry ammo: plenty good for my purposes. Two follow-up groups were fired from a rested position, and 11/15 were in the 10-ring with the remaining 4 in the 9 ring close to the 10 ring. I observed no flickering during recoil. I had no failures with the dot and at no point was it not on when I looked through it. The pistol has gotten wet in both river water and a sink by mistake and the optic is still going strong. In short, all appears well.

    The TLR7:

    I did not have an opportunity to fire at night. However, while at an indoor range, I fired about 200 rounds with the TLR7 activated. I noticed no flickering.


    As expected, the Gen 5 Glock is dead nuts reliable. Ejection was strong and consistent, even with weaker 115gr ammunition. The pistol never failed, even on something as simple as locking back on empty. Magazines saw dirt and gravel with no issues. The pistol is far more accurate than I am, and the barrel seems to do quite well with both the Blazer and Speer 147gr loads, as well as with my 147gr HSTs.

    I'll have to watch the RMR and optic plate over time: while it did well, particularly over two fairly high round count days (465 and 425 rounds respectively, both in hot sun and with those rounds fired over about 3 hours), I am not the biggest fan of the mounting system. I'd far prefer something like the ACRO mount. Nevertheless, I have witness marks to identify any movement of zero or optic fit, so any problems should be easy to spot.

    As this is my carry gun, it will see comparatively few rounds from here on out as I transition to my practice gun.

    Obligatory Dirty Pics:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArgentFix View Post
    Pistol: SIG Sauer P320 RX Full-Size
    Caliber: 9x19mm
    • 500 Blazer Brass 115gr #5200
    • 500 Remington UMC 115gr #L9MM3 boxed
    • 200 Magtech 124gr #9B
    • 500 Aguila 124gr #1E092110
    • 400 Sellier & Bellot 124gr #SB9B
    Dates of Testing: March 4, 2019 - April 13, 2019
    Total Rounds Fired: 2100
    Stoppages: 0
    Malfunctions: 0
    Breakages: 0

    Comments: Initial round count ~5k on gun, 3k on Romeo1. Original optic was returned for eating batteries. Current optic has required a couple adjustments but none during this run. Trigger developed a 1-1.5lb "spongy resistance" toward the end but was otherwise smooth.

    Attachment 37298Attachment 37299
    Attachment 37300
    Attachment 37301Attachment 37302

    Excellent pictures! Man that thing got dirty!

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