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Thread: SLG Mini Course

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    SLG Mini Course

    SLG, ToddG, and all the SME and crew that helped out-

    Thanks so much for sharing your time and knowledge. Today was an incredible opportunity to learn a ton in such a short time. Having a coach per two shooters was just awesome and something that speaks to the wonderful community Todd has built.

    It was also great to meet some of the personalities on the board.

    Now I'm off to practice my dry-fire press-outs!

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    I agree, thank you everyone! x10
    Once I recover from this awesome sunburn, I'll post back.

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    This was a great experience. The class was run in a very efficient, safe and professional manner, and SLG managed to get a large amount of information into a very short timeframe. The skills we worked on were covered quite well, and having one-on-one coaching available throughout the class was a huge benefit. I learned a lot and got some great pointers on things that I can work on to improve my shooting.

    Thanks to SLG, ToddG and the staff of for this opportunity. It was well worth the little bit of grief I got for being out of town on Mothers Day

    It was good to meet the other forum members, and I am definitely looking forward to doing more training!

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    its on the line, NOVA
    my face has been rocked off by how awesome this class was.

    many, many, many, thanks.
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    Echo echo echo the above. Great weather, beautiful NoVa countryside, a good group of dudes (and a dudette, who BTW shot really well,) and a chance to meet the folks behind PTF. What's not to love? The teacher-to-student ratio was 1:2, and the coaches weren't random locals - SLG's generosity is catching, I guess, and all the PTF staff were there to help.

    (Well, all the PTF staff that matter - Jay didn't make it. But he was well-represented: there were two PTC hats and two HPG hats, but three LSHD hats. Jay's marketing blitz is working, and maybe his absence was just a way to enhance his mystique... It doesn't hurt that a couple of free LSHD classes were given away. )

    Anyway, as fun as all of the above was, the real treasure was the contents of the class itself. We started with a short lecture, and then SLG made sure we could hit the broad side of a barn. Then we covered the sort of fundamentals that will apply to shooting quickly, as well as accurately. For myself, I got some seriously good coaching about my stance and grip. I think everyone learned a lot about resetting the trigger, and working with the almighty press-out. And the abbreviated walk back drill at the end was fun, challenging, and gave everyone a taste of what it's like to be dismissed by Todd. (Well, everyone except the Marine that won...)

    There was a whole lot of stuff covered in a short time, but oddly enough, the concepts were very "sticky" mentally, at least for me. The way SLG broke down the fundamentals, and put them together one on top of the other, made it easy to remember for later - and also easy to self-diagnose when we take this stuff home to practice it. I shot 310 rounds, and I used about 4 15-round magazines on top of what SLG was budgeting for each drill - so the budgeted round count was right around the announced minimum round count of 250.

    So, yeah. Thanks a bazillion to SLG, for taking time out of a busy schedule to spread the knowledge, and for the actual work that keeps him so busy. Also thanks to Todd and the rest of the PTF staff for helping out - this class might have had the best AI lineup of all time. And thanks to Jay for sweet hats and the generous training prizes. I had a blast, I learned a lot, and I'm a whole lot more confident in taking more training in the very near future. Thanks, gentlemen!

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    Sounds awesome - I really wish I could have been there!

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    All I can do is reiterate what has already been said. This class was awesome! Thank you so much SLG for taking the time to teach us. The building blocks of each drill presented greatly helped to conceptualize and execute the fundamentals of shooting.

    And thank you to all of the PTF staff who were also willing to take the time to help out. It was amazing how much I was able to learn in just 4 hours of instruction!

    As an aside -- Thanks to the invisible Jay for his support from a far!

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    Pics will come ... I spent about half the time taking a bunch.

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    I just wanted to echo the thanks to SLG, Todd and all the pistol-forum staff for giving us less experienced shooters an invaluable training opportunity. (And thanks for the hat Jay!)

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    Huge thanks to SLG for teaching the class. He gave up the weekend in between two grueling weeks of training. Most people would have spent the time recovering, he spent it prepping for and teaching a class.

    Thanks to SeanM for all the things he did behind the scenes, for helping out in the class, and for risking the mental health of his better half by subjecting her to our rowdy group. Also, major kudos for resisting the urge to kill yourself when every three minutes someone was asking you, "Dude, tell me what really happened with bin Laden!"

    Also, thank you to all of the PTC Staff for sacrificing Mother's Day to help out. Tom Jones flew all the way from New Mexico to be there. There has never been so much quality hands on one-to-one instruction on a firing line before.

    To the students, it was fantastic to see old friends and meet new ones. I know I speak for all the SMEs and Staff in attendance, you did a great job. It's humbling to think the community has grown so fast with people like you at its core.

    Congratulations to vmi-mo for winning the First Annual Walkback Drill!

    And finally, to the drunk blonde who couldn't stop running her fingers through TCinVA's hair at the bar Saturday night, my most sincere and heartfelt thank you for what will become one of the most awesome forum memes in the history of the Internet.
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