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Thread: The Obligatory Show Off Thread

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    A birthday present from my father. The Kimber he has been carrying daily for as long as I can remember. Nothing fancy but it means a lot to me. It will be my son's some day.

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    Get some training and un-bitch yourself.

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    Cheese graters from Khyber Customs.
    Quote Originally Posted by caleb View Post
    Oh man, that's right. I forgot that some people feel like they need light SA triggers in DA guns instead of just learning to shoot the gun better. You can get a Redhawk DA trigger pull down to 10 lbs, and if you can't manage that you suck and should probably just practice more.
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    New to me Wilson 92 Compact.

    First Beretta. First Wilson. Thanks to a member.

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    Nerd shit, new keycaps for my trusty old Das:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Default.mp3 View Post
    Nerd shit, new keycaps for my trusty old Das:
    ...the point of the das keyboard is not have anything on the keys, and you put stuff on the keys...jeez

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    There is just something about having a light and an extended mag...that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Now I just need some kydex for when the light is mounted.

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    Trigger Warning: Commentary provided by the above author does not constitute a reality in which any person should live. Commentary is highly opinionated and may include crude, caustic, intentional or unintentionally offensive verbiage. If you find any of the above objectionable, please exit now and seek professional help.

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