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    Quote Originally Posted by zeroflux View Post
    I am much more impressed by something else in this picture: a manual transmission? It is becoming extremely difficult to find manual transmissions in vehicles these days. I had to wait some time to get my Mazda 3 in both a manual and the color I wanted. What make of vehicle is that?[/QUOTE]
    Here's the crazy part, it's a Mercury Milan Premium. Lol.

    I bought it used but saved about $1500 because it was manual. Salesman said they had a hard time selling it.

    I prefer a manual too except in bad traffic, blah. Stop and go, stop and go gets old.

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    Gonna guess 07 Ford Fusion se?

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    Picked up this young buck yesterday.

    It's a Hi Power compact clone called the M95 Detective built by Fabricaciones Militares Industria de Argentina, the state run small arms manufacturing arm of the Argentinean Ministry of Science, Technology and Defence Production in the field of MINDEF. They even make a model with the SFS system built in like the Lionheart pistols have. Shame they don't make or import them anymore. Can't wait to do some work on it, get a holster and shoot CCP with it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wannabe View Post
    Gonna guess 07 Ford Fusion se?
    06 Mercury Milan Premium, actually. Some old folks (70s) owned it before me.

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    Not a pistol but I just wanted to share, won this upper in Stickman's Weapon Evolution giveaway.
    Didn't even know what was coming in the mail and was flabbergasted to see an entire upper when I opened the box.

    16" midlength, 13" Alpha rail. I am really liking the way the rail feels. The machining makes it quite "grippy".

    Troy Upper by Pyzik, on Flickr

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReverendMeat View Post
    Love AUGs. Very cool.

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    Finally got them in (after Lipsey's lost, then sent my golden boy's to the wrong dealer! who then put them out on display!!!)

    Left -> right:
    Youth .22
    Golden Boy .22 (mine) custom serial #
    Golden Boy .22 (son's) custom serial #

    Glad I decided to get the AR-7, as the Youth .22 is pretty darn heavy! The kid is 7, hence why I got the Youth as well. Hope he takes to it, as the little bastard has already claimed my Ruger SR22 as his own.
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    I'm here for the Renaissance

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    SD40VE. Had to try one after the SD9VE thread.

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    ATEi M&P by Pyzik, on Flickr



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