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Thread: The Obligatory Show Off Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by BOM View Post

    New in the wrapper.

    I'm swooning.
    Soft version coming out soon.

    I've got 1 of the hardbacks from about 10 years ago still on the shelf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCinVA View Post
    You know what Tam would say about that picture, right?

    My collecting is pretty low-impact aerobics. With the exception of the kar. 98AZ, maybe the byf 43 98k, and a few U.S. martial pieces, I don't know that many of my long guns are currently worth more than a few hundred bucks. (But lor' bless those U.S. martial arms; I wish I could go back in time ten or fifteen years and tell myself to buy every M1 carbine and M1917 rifle I could get my hands on...)

    Both Smith revolvers and old military rifles are pretty easy on the wallet to collect; it's not like I'm stocking up on Lugers or Peacemakers...

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    Quote Originally Posted by IRISH View Post
    Soft version coming out soon.
    The site has said that for at least 2 years.

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    About 250 rds of .38 special just loaded on the Lyman turret press. Took about 1 hr to do 100rds. Much different than the Dillon 650

    Loaded with a 148gr wad cutter cast by my father when I was 8 months old. Used Bullseye powder he purchased in 1975 at the price of $22 for a 4 pound keg. Shoots great in the 442 and produces about 760fps using 3.8gr
    I thought it was pic worthy.

    But hey, the country is going to hell and we will all be in re-education camps in a year. So what the hell do I have to lose? - Sensei

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    Glock 17 Scotch Stipple Job (SSJ)

    My Grock 17. A little bit of drunk stippling. Turned out well. Might have to drink more scotch.

    Replacing the sights with Defoors next week.

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    F. U. N.

    I do need to figure out the weapon light situation though.
    Nobody is impressed by what you can't do. -THJ

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    Doesn't it get plenty bright when you pull the trigger thingie?

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    Temporary Deltapoint setup...

    Name:  mandpwithdot2small.jpg
Views: 527
Size:  65.8 KB

    Reckon I'm looking to have it more permanently mounted soon.

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