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Thread: Langdon Tactical Technology, Advance Fundamentals of the AR-15 May 28th & 29th

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    Langdon Tactical Technology, Advance Fundamentals of the AR-15 May 28th & 29th

    This class has been set up to give a student what I consider fundamental information, but is often not covered in tactical carbine classes. Some drills and techniques will be information that is covered in advance courses, so it is not a beginner program.

    History of the AR15/M16
    Detail function of Direct Impingement Gas System
    Keeping your AR Running (maintenance and spare parts)
    Short brief of AR15 piston systems
    Detail of AR15 and M16 trigger system
    Internal ballistics of the AR15
    External Ballistics of the 5.56/223 Remington
    Terminal Ballistics of the 5.56
    Understanding bullet flight and Zero Choices
    Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship
    Fundamental Rifle Shooting Positions
    Optic selection for the AR15
    Supported/Field Shooting Positions
    Use of Cover with the long gun
    Sling Choice and Use
    Sight Offset and CQB Shooting
    Multiple Targets
    Shooting on the Move
    Malfunction Clearing
    Reloads and Ammo Management

    Students will need:
    High Quality AR 15 with sling
    4 High Quality 30 round magazines
    At least two magazine pouches
    Drop pouch/bag recommended)
    600 minumum rounds of reliable ammunition (No steel core or AP, we will shoot steel targets)
    Eye and Ear Protection
    Rain Gear (we will train rain or shine)

    Cost $400 Culpeper, VA
    Contact Ernest Langdon at

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    Any chance of this course coming up north in the future?

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    Moving Up North

    It is always possible to move a class somewhere. This real issue is the range and the equipment. We will be able to shoot from 0 to 300 yards here in Culpeper with most of the shooting being done in inside 100 yards. Then there is the transport of all the steel targets we will use in the class. Rifle steel is heavy . Then add in the barricades and other targets. I would need really big truck!

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