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Thread: Beretta 92 FS Compact (and general Beretta love lately)

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    Sorry for the necro post.

    I too am moving away from the striker fired pistols and am finding the traditional DA/SA Beretta 9X series to be the right pistol for me at this time.

    I started running a NIB commercial M9 as a T&E for a viability study for LE. I have since moved on to EDC a minty 92FS Compact which is a tack driver. I bought it lightly used and will be upgrading the locking block and recoil assy.

    Although I will continue to T&E the M9, I will be replacing it with my NIB 92A1 with the addition of a couple of factory mods like the "D" spring, EliteII hammer and night sights. Now, If I can find a duty holster that will fit the 92A1 with Surefire X300, Ill be GTG.

    I find it interesting to see how many people still are Beretta fan boys.

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    The "M9" I bought for grandson #2 was as advertised, and even had a D spring fitted. Shoots wonderfully.

    I also got lucky and caught Beretta with some .22 kits in stock. I'm impressed with that .22 kit... by far the best-executed .22 conversion kit I've ever seen; and it runs 100% with standard velocity ammunition. That's a first in my experience, as well.

    However... the D spring was giving me light hits (failure to fire) with the .22 kit. No problems with the 9mm upper. I bought and installed a standard main spring; problem solved. Others have reported this issue as well... FYI.

    My main "interest" these days is concealed carry, and the 92F doesn't work for me in that venue. But that .22 kit is a hoot to shoot, and I'm putting more time on it than those boys are.

    What I would give for a genuine HK .22 conversion kit for a P30 or HK45C...


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    I bought this beauty back in 2001 and sent it directly to Mr. Langdon.
    He did a level II action job. While waiting for my Kytac holster and mag. Pouches to arrive, I picked up a couple of Glock 34s for IDPA.

    Here is a top view of my 92a1 and Elite II.
    That Elite has one beefy slide.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Up1911Fan View Post
    Considering he can convert a FS to G i've been thinking of an M9A1.
    Thanks to this thread, I'm going be spending some money with AGW. I've got a 2011 production 92 Compact that I'd love to convert to a G model. The low profile safety, speed bump trigger, spurless D hammer, and a D hammer spring will also be installed.

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    From the Guns I regret getting rid of since I've joined this forum list:

    ... 96D Centurion

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    Jupiter...Nice collection!

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    I always wanted an Elite II...just never got around to buying one before I moved on to 1911's and plastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCinVA View Post
    I always wanted an Elite II...just never got around to buying one before I moved on to 1911's and plastic.
    I wish Beretta would start making them again.

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    Novak's 92FS and 92FS Compact Type M

    I have a M9A1 on the way and a Brigadier slide im planning on building my version of the perfect Beretta 92.... Just need to get it home from MSP paperwork jail...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sotex View Post
    ... 96D Centurion
    From a durability standpoint, I wouldn't regret getting rid of a 96.

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