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Thread: Strobing flashlight

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    Inside the house would either be weapon mounted light or a less bright light. The one I'm trying to get is for street carry, especially when I travel and may be the only option for a tool at all, besides a ball point pen. I've got a drawer full of lights that require double taps, or other combinations of presses to get to the strobe, and find them all useless. In a stress situation trying to double press in the right time frame is going to be the last thing I think about.
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    If you do want a strobe, take a look at the Klarus mentioned above. It has a separate button for strobe, and is extremely easy to use. The interface is extremely simple and the best I've used (although I am nothing like an expert). It may not be as bright as you'd like at max, though.

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    With 500 lumens on tap, isn't a strobe function almost kinda over the top?

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    meh strobe is useless, my dept issue streamlight has strobe. I never really use it, in my experience as a morning watch patrol Officer who has cleared a lot of structures at night get yourself a surefire x300 ultra and a surefire fury handheld. If you want something to do admin stuff with that you can stick under your elbow get the lawman (my next big purchase to replace my issues streamlight as its good for this purpose).

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    Strobing is FAR from useless. Knowing when to apply strobing is the trick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tpd223 View Post
    Strobing is FAR from useless. Knowing when to apply strobing is the trick.
    Context. When and how is the difference between a being ninja and the rest of your life looking like a rave.
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