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Thread: Tactical Conference AAR

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    Tactical Conference AAR

    Annual Tactical Conference Report

    The Tactical Conference and Polite Society Match was conducted Friday through Sunday, March 1-3 at Rangemaster. The event was a huge success.
    One hundred and fifty trainers, attendees and Rangemaster staff spent three days training and testing their skills. We had 25 presenters this year, who gave two-hour blocks of instruction on everything from immediate field trauma care, to criminal psychology, to flashlight searching and shooting techniques and tactics, to setting up a training program. There was hands on training in weapon retention/disarms, knife defense, and managing unknown contacts, including some Sims and airsoft scenario work against live opponents. The shooting match involved an “active shooter” theme, requiring both accurate shooting and fast decision making. Good stuff!

    The list of trainers who participated reads like a virtual Who’s Who of the training industry, including Massad Ayoob, John Farnam, Southnarc, Wayne Dobbs, Darryl Bolke, Rob Pincus, John Hearne, William Aprill, Greg Ellifritz, Chuck Haggard, Karl Rehn, Caleb Causey, Paul Pawela, Skip Gochenour, Shane Gosa, Steve Moses, Leslie Buck, Dr Troy Miller, “Doc K”, Spencer Keepers, Jon Hodoway, Claude Werner, Kathy Jackson, Marty Hayes, and Tom Givens. Todd Green and Dr Gary Roberts were scheduled to attend, but both were sidelined by health issues and couldn’t be here.

    The match was fired by 136 shooters. There were 20 currently serving law enforcement officers who shot. The High Lawman Award went to Indiana police firearms instructor Jerrod Baugh, followed by David Hicks and Dave Garren in second and third places. A Total of 16 females shot the match, with the High Lady Award going to Anita Hopkins, followed closely by Lynn Givens and Gail Pepin in the second and third places. The overall winner was Dave Reichek, followed by Randy Richardson and Karl Rehn in the second and third spots.

    Twenty five members of Rangemaster’s staff provided support services throughout the event, including running the match twelve hours a day and logistical support behind the sales counter and elsewhere. Our sincere thanks to them, as the event could not go on without them.

    Next year’s event will be at Rangemaster on Feb 21-23, 2014. Make your plans to attend now. We already have some new trainers committed to present topics at this event, plus the usual suspects. Registration forms will be available soon.

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    Can't believe I had to miss it. This year's event sounds great and folks coming back have been singing happy praises, too. See you all next year!

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    Truly a blast. I was humbled and honored to be allowed a seat at that table.

    Kathy Jackson

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    I am sorry to have missed the event and regret that last minute unfortunate circumstances prevented my attendance.

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    TLG, DOC,
    Really did miss you guys!!!
    Im Very Humbled to be a part of this!!!!
    Looking forward to next year!!!
    "Gunfights are come as you are events, You do not get to chose"- Tom Givens.

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    I got beat up by guys with plastic knives and plastic guns continually Saturday morning.

    Other than that, it was fun.

    I even managed to pick up a few things, knowledge-wise. I am also proud of the fact that I kept my ego in check and kept my damn mouth shut and LISTENED, rather than trying to be the bright guy and continually jumping ahead of the instructor with my all of my accumulated wisdom (ahem) and experience. Look at me! Look at me! LOOK at what I know!

    Sunday night though, I had a "Memphis Moment" in the motel parking lot. After driving through slowly and keeping an eye on things before reaching my parking spot (well lit and near the entrance), I parked and exited the vehicle. No sooner had I retrieved my range bag out of the trunk, a beat up old pickup truck came whizzing out of the darkness from behind a utility building of some sort from the next lot over (Cracker Barrel restaurant.) It slid into the stall next to me.

    I non-nonchalantly moved at an accelerated moderate clip to put my vehicle between him and me. I wasn't too keyed up but the fact that this vehicle came out of the darkness at precisely the time I had exited the vehicle, retrieved my valuables from the trunk and had my back to him kinda concerned me. But I was definitely in orange.

    Fortunately, he wasn't interested in me and when he got out of his truck, headed in the opposite direction.

    I didn't get my light in my hand right away, which should have been my first reaction while moving. My range bag slung over my support side got in the way. Maybe I should allowed the range bag to fall off to the side but I was more intent on gaining ground.

    I freely admit I was just a little jumpy given Memphis' reputation and Givens' stories.

    All in all, it was a great event and I enjoyed all three days.
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    Excellent training by all involved, my only regret is that I couldn't attend all of the classes.

    I had gone to Tom and Claude's presentations before, but they are so good that I went to them again given the chance to do so. Excellent information and food for thought in both classes.

    I was also able to attend classes by Doc "K" (which I missed last year and wanted to get to this year) on tactical medical gear and training, Wayne Dobbs and Darryl Bolke ref hand held and WMLs, John Hearne's most excellent presentation on performing under stress, Dr Troy Miller's tac med class, Mas Ayoob's debrief of two citizen defensive shootings which turned into court cases, and John Farnam's presentation on modern training issues with a most excellent history lesson at the end.

    I was (and am) humbled to be on the list of instructors for this conference. It was a great learning environment. My training partner Doc Kennedy told me on the ride home that he was very impressed by all of the classes and is planning on attending again next year.

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    Tpd, your presentation was very well done. I was able to catch both of the medical classes, both we're excellent. Southnarc's MUC showed me I need a full class.

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    Thanks Bob, I appreciate it.

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    Your blocked nerve receptor demo was most memorable.

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