TulAmmo 62 gr HP fired from 20" and 11.5" AR type rifles into 10% calibrated gelatin.

BB: 586.5 fps, 3.2"

20" barrel results:

Impact velocity: 3,080 fps
Penetration: 8.7"
Neck: 1.5"
TSC: 2"x5"

11.5" barrel results:

Impact velocity: 2,649 fps
Penetration: greater than 13.5"
Neck: 3.5"
TSC: 3"x7"

There were no fragments significant enough to bother measuring or weighing. The jacket fragment seen in the first gel photo measures 0.019" thick and is magnetic. The projectile exited the top of the block on the 11.5" test at approximately 13.5".

In the water portion, the bullet passed through the first and second jugs, leaving the jacket embedded in the far wall of the second jug.

Printing on the inside of the box flap is as follows:

LOT No P786-14

10-12 40