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    Critique my reload, please?

    So, I'm looking to shave about 0.2 seconds or so off my reload. How I use dry fire to train is a hybrid approach - I won't use a timer when I'm solidifying the technique, and then I'll bring out the timer to test my results at match speed with a goal to hit a specific time. Usually it's about a 50/50 split between reps off the clock and reps on the clock. Here's a terribly lit video of my current reload that I recorded on my iPad on a lark.

    I'm able to beat the 1.2 par time pretty consistently, but the 1.00 par evades me. Things I can see in the video that I know are costing my time - I'm not moving my weak hand to the pouch as quickly as possible, and I'm dropping my strong side shoulder a little bit when I start moving my hand to the gun as well. Any other thoughts on picking up speed are appreciated!
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    Just some thoughts: When I do this I put in an empty magazine and lock the slide to the rear. Then when I insert a new magazine I have to release the slide in some manner as part of the reloading process. After that I lock the slide to the rear again and leave the magazine in the gun that I just put in, and then reload with the next one on my belt, which is in a different place a little farther to the rear. That way I get practice reaching for a different magazine in a different position so that my muscle memory doesn't make me reach where the empty magazine holder is.

    Thats just what I do, others, I'm sure, do other things.

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    I am in no way qualified to critique your reload but I have a related question for you. I have been practicing reloads from slide lock with dummy rounds. Any idea what your time is for that or what would be considered a good time? I am currently at about 3.5 seconds to reload from slide lock, rebuild my grip and get off a trigger press. I know that is really slow but I'm not sure what a good goal would be. Don't mean to hijack your thread.



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