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Thread: The Gadget REVEALED

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom_Jones View Post
    I'm not sure how I missed this post, but yes, that's normal. The SCD should move freely through it's range of motion. If there is a difference from SCD to SCD it's a tolerance thing. The design/specs haven't changed.

    Also, there is no "new manufacturer". Every SCD made to date, including all prototypes (except for the 6 aluminum proof of concept ones made in early 2011), were made at the same place, on the same machines, running the same code, by the same operators.
    Got my old school G26 (Gen 2.5) back from Smyrna today where it was updated and my launched parts replaced.

    The one part they didn't replace, though they did put a new slide cover on...was the Gadget which was reinstalled by me as fast as my hands could accomplish it inside a large plastic bag.

    (Not taking any chances this time around. LOL! Kudos to Glock for having it back in my hands one week from the date I shipped it to them.)
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    That turnaround is truly impressive.

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    Thanks Tom

    Speaking of quick turns, I ordered a Glock 43 gadget last night and it is already on its way. Super customer service. Thanks Tom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul D View Post
    @Tom_Jones - Are the newer manufactured SCD a little looser around the hinge? For example, when I point my Glock muzzle skyward with the older SCDs, the plate would stay in place and not open back out like when you pull the trigger. With the last batch I bought, the plate swings out freely with the smallest jostle. It is quite audible. Is this a new tolerance change with your new manufacturer?
    Just FYI, a tiny drop of oil (I use Wilson Ultima) on the SCD hinge puts a stop to the free play and audible sound when walking. It's actually been a good barometer for when my two glocks could use some additional lubrication.

    ETA: Now that I think about it, maybe a minute smearing of grease would work better and stick around longer? Any thoughts on that, Tom?
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