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Thread: G&R Tactical, LLC

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    Quote Originally Posted by JV View Post
    I choose to shop elsewhere.
    Yeah, this was well before toddgate.
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    I've made several purchases at G&R, including a BCM upper, ammo, pistol and various accessories. No problems with them and they seemed to be responsive to emails.

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    When G&R has any lower parts kits in stock it's one of the best places to buy a LPK. They use quality parts and you can select which trigger group, pistol grip, etc that you want. I've always had good experiences on stuff that I bought there.

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    I bought quite a bit from him over the years. But I eventually decided to stop buying from him. From my experiences, he was generally sloppy and careless with his business practices. He would make mistakes on orders, and also not follow through with things he said he would do. Sometimes things would be left out of orders, or they weren't exactly as described. But he would always have a good excuse or promise to make it right.

    I used to give him the benefit of the doubt because he owned and seemed like a nice guy when I spoke to him. But problems with my orders would happen regularly. Then I got sick of it.

    Looking back, I'm not sure if those mistakes were honest mistakes or intentional. But I don't really care either way (and it doesn't really matter either way to me).

    Joe Mamma

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    If you weren't aware, he has a $100 minimum. He's too busy to be shipping off one charging handle. So as of right now I choose to shop elsewhere where my $70-99 LPK order is appreciated. Rather not pad my order to make it $100+

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    Grant doesn't need your business, and makes that pretty clear with unapologetic errors and inconsistencies.
    They once called me bkb0000...

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    I bought a couple of things from him, and while I got what I ordered, shipping took a while.

    I choose not to shop with him primarily due to his conduct on various forums, in particular his "defense" on another forum of the VSM course he taught a while back.
    "I think we ought always to entertain our opinions with some measure of doubt. I shouldn't wish people dogmatically to believe any philosophy, not even mine." - Bertrand Russell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belmont View Post
    Supposedly selling things on GB rather than on his website....

    How any BCM, Colt, and SW dealers in Bolivar Oh which is like 2 miles from Mineral OH which is where he is?
    FWIW. He sells on various sites. Here is a post of G&R confirming that. Also links back to the Bolivar Ohio, TacticalGear72 on GB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dookie1481 View Post
    I choose not to shop with him primarily due to his conduct on various forums, in particular his "defense" on another forum of the VSM course he taught a while back.
    If you are thinking of the same course review that I am, I don't believe it was a VSM course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C45P312 View Post
    If you weren't aware, he has a $100 minimum.
    All the time, or just now? When I was needing a little Magpul widget I can't remember right now back in January, I tried to order it from BCM, but they'd instituted a $100 minimum just to deal with the volume. (Wound up buying it from Amazon, of all places.)

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