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Thread: Obligatory Wristwatch Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by lwt16 View Post

    While I blame you people collectively for this new expensive obsession, I specifically lay my victimhood on this one totally on lwt16....this one is your fault. So far I love it.

    Claims to be sapphire crystal and Seiko NH38, 24-jewel automatic, 42mm, but I love the blue glow in the dark face feature which my ancient blind ass can see at night....

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    The only beneficiary of my new disease is a local rehab place for men, I just donated 40+ years worth accumulation of Seiko 5's and other cheap but functional automatics to them for some guys who badly need them. I am now blessed to have three decent useful automatics that I can actually see.....heaven help me but you people are going to cause me to own more....I can see it, and my impulse control is proven to be terribly weak.

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    You’re welcome.


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    Reverso day

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    HFD Bulova Lunar Pilot on a beaver tail strap.

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    CWC SBS Diver

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cory View Post
    Tight enough to not slop around on my wrist, loose enough to be comfortable.

    Any idea on where I can pickup a replacement spring bar that's the right size?

    I liked the standard pelagos I tried on awhile back. The fxd might be appealing. I was looking forward to wearing a watch with bracelet for my first expensive watch but maybe thats a mistake on my part.
    You must be snagging your watch on stuff in order to do what you’re doing then. Odd.

    I’ve had good luck with Crown and Buckle stuff. Typically G-Shocks use 16mm spring bars, but without knowing your model #, I can’t confirm what size you need exactly. I’m sure they have the correct size for what you need though.

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    Are any of you guys who follow high end watch prices seeing a dip in US market prices?

    The prices of second-hand luxury goods have fallen rapidly in China over recent months, as even the wealthy cut back on their discretionary spending and sell their Rolex watches and Hermès bags to raise cash.

    More than a dozen popular brands of luxury watches and bags have lost between 20 per cent and 50 per cent of their value on the secondary market since Shanghai, China’s financial and commercial capital, imposed a strict lockdown in March to crush a Covid outbreak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caballoflaco View Post
    Are any of you guys who follow high end watch prices seeing a dip in US market prices?
    I’m seeing people finally realize that white dial Daytona aren’t $50k pieces…..

    It was always sort of fishing game for the guy with the most amount of new money who wanted so badly to keep up with the trends.

    Hardcore collectors are still buying they’re just smart enough to not pay 300% of retail expecting value to go up to 600%

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    Hasn't hit here with what I seek, yet.
    Think for yourself. Question authority.

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    Least expensive box and papers 114060 no date sub on Chrono24


    If this is your grail piece - $11k that you can buy now is better than $8k at the AD that won’t sell it to you.

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