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Thread: An argument for the Sig

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    Sig P250

    I have a Sig P250 compact version. I have put well over a thousand rounds through it without the slightest problem. A lot of people complain about the long trigger pull,but I don't have a problem with it. It is long,but smooth all the way through and after awhile you don't even notice it.
    My only concern was that it only came with one mag. However it did come with a Sig laser,which I sold and bought two mags and a box of really nice Hornady SD ammo.
    I've shot the cheapest target ammo through high end SD ammo without any problems. I've even intentionally let it get dirty and it still performed very well. I would trust it with my life and I do as it is my EDC.I have no problems recommending this pistol.

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    Seems the FAM's, and other Domestic & International LE disagree.

    Everyone can and does make crap once in awhile. And even a broken watch is correct twice a day. But given the extensive testing, and documented failures of the P250 by multiple sources, using published testing criteria, and a wide sampling of the platform (versus a single specimen) the end results for the 250 have been poor to lackluster at best.

    My limited experience with two of them left me with the conclusion that I would not take one as a gift.

    I am pleased yours runs well, and you have confidence in it. Ultimately, that is what matters. But as a family of pistols, the 250 fails.

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    Let's hope the 320 does better, given its genealogy.
    Likes pretty much everything in every caliber.

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