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Thread: P35 Picture Thread

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    Name:  Browning Hi-power practical.jpg
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    Above and below, a hi power practical, wearing chestnut Hakan Pek grips above, and flame birch below. Also below, a Springfield stainless "loaded" 1911.

    Name:  Chris_guns1.jpg
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    An IDF mark II, with 'ridged' top rail.

    Name:  Browning Hi power mk3.jpg
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    An FEG hi power.

    Name:  FEG Hi-Power.jpg
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    I confess to being a long time fan of the Hi Powers, and have owned I don't know how many. Down to only three now, but still enjoy them at the range occasionally.
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    MkII Izzy with a bit of work from Novak’s and a set of Spegels.
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    Name:  IMG_1376.jpg
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    Alloy high power, c & s hammer and sear, Novak sights and black t finish.

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    Izzy Mk.III. A C&S safety was added after this photo.
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    An FEG with some minor work by Don Williams/The Action Works:

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    Karl Sokol Hi-Power.

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    Just received my High Power yesterday from Gun Broker. Hopefully I'll get to the range today. I received it with the wood grips, and installed the Black VZ Diamond Slim Grips and removed the magazine disconnect. That brought the trigger pull from 7.1 lbs. average to a 5 lbs. average with the stock parts. It's a 1994 manufacture MK3. I have spring upgrade kits coming from BH Spring Solutions. I don't think it's had a full magazine put through it. The finish is factory Hard Chrome and yes it came with the Gold Trigger. I think it adds a bit of class.

    Name:  High Power Before.jpg
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    My MARS Izzy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JAD View Post
    My MARS Izzy.

    Is MARS still working on BHPs?

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