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Dave Spaulding will be back in town on March 23 & 24 2013 giving his Critical Space Combative Pistol course. The class will be held at a private range near Pembroke Pines.

Critical Space Combative Pistol:

(2 days 600 rounds)
Law enforcement has known for a long time that the majority of armed conflicts involving officers occur inside double arms length…what is known as “The Hole”. There is no reason to believe gunfights involving armed citizens will be any different. This course is designed to explore how to use the handgun inside extreme close quarter distances where the gun could easily become the “property” of your attacker. Emphasis will be on the draw and shooting from positions that are unconventional and do not use conventional sighted shooting skills. Strike zone and how to strike will also be addressed as at these distances the gun might not be the proper response even if deadly force is justified. Critical Space Combative Pistol IS NOT an entry level course. To avoid injury, students must be able to operate their firearms at a high level of competency before attending this course.

Students will be required to shoot a set of standards to prove they are ready for this course:
One shot from ready- 1 second
One shot from the holster- 2 seconds
One shot from ready, in battery reload, one shot- 4 seconds
Six shots from ready- 3 seconds
From ready, two shots on one target, in battery reload, two shots on a second target- 5 seconds. Targets are 4 feet apart.
All standards are shot at 20 feet on an 8 inch square

Please remember these standards are just a base line so don't get too excited.

As the description of the course mentions this is not an entry level course and does require prerequisites. If you have any questions about this please ask me or you can email Dave directly. You may be required to show proof of prior training, and the final decision will be made by Dave. Students will also be required to meet the standards listed above in the course description in order to participate in the course. Again if you have any questions about that please ask me or Dave.

Cost for the class is $400, and full payment is due upon registration. You can pay for the class through the paypal link found directly on Dave's website under the 2013 schedule tab. Just scroll down until you see this course and date. You can also send your payment by check or money order along with your registration form. Regardless how you make your payment everyone is required to download and fill out the student registration form and mail it directly to Dave: http://www.handguncombatives.com/res...ATION_FORM.pdf

If you have any other questions please feel free to email me, or you can ask Dave directly by emailing him at: handguncombatives@gmail.com