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Thread: New Years Resolutions

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    New Years Resolutions

    I'm shooting for a sub 5 second FAST.

    I've allotted my self 500 rounds per week to this end. And 15 min/day draw and reloading practice. My current times are in the high 5s low 6s (mostly low 6s) if I'm current.

    Practice began last night -

    The rest is just hot, wet, sticky gun action...

    Trying to cross-breed a 45 WC and a 10mm NHC... we'll see how that turns out.

    I'm hoping for Commander babies soon.

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    Great goal. I found S1 of the 99 drill very helpful in doing so. Track your times and see where the large chunks are. I know some folks avoid timed dry fire, but I found it helpful in seeing where my movements needed more speed. Keep us posted with times and results.
    But hey, the country is going to hell and we will all be in re-education camps in a year. So what the hell do I have to lose? - Sensei

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    Good luck Bill. You can do it, you just gotta rep it out.

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    Best of luck!
    When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk. -Tuco
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    I'm trying to avoid hard-to-quantify stuff like "do x more often" and actually make concret goals.

    1. Actually follow Seeklander's competition training program, at least the dry fire part.
    2. Shoot a major USPSA match
    3. Take 30 rounds per practice session and shoot groups. I've been reading Enos' book and I realized that my accuracy fundamentals could be a lot better. Really hammering on clean trigger press and good shot calling should let me crank up the speed as well.

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    Great work,i want to keep on my fitness in 2013.

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    For me, due to my recent move behind enemy lines in the liberal Northeast, my ability to work any kind of dynamic skills with live fire have been basically curtailed. So, my resolutions for '13 are:

    1. Dedicated training weak hand only EVERY range session
    2. Work on group fundamentals and distance (25 yards and beyond) shooting
    3. Improving my physical conditioning.

    The last one is easy, since, the most strenuous PT I've done in the last six months were a couple of laps around a jelly donut... Curse you, Dunkin' Donuts!



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    I've got several. In no particular order:

    Dry fire a lot more (two-handed, SHO, WHO)
    Work on follow-through
    "Stay in my home" per a recent Pat McNamara class
    Win a club match IDPA with zero points down
    Kill a blacktail deer with my carry gun

    Okie John

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    Quote Originally Posted by okie john View Post
    I've got several. In no particular order:
    "Stay in my home" per a recent Pat McNamara class
    Okie John
    Could you explain that one?

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