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Thread: Putting the spam back in the can...

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    Putting the spam back in the can...

    Suggestion for dealing with the recent rash of spammers:

    Something I saw on another forum, that seems to work for them, is to have new members send an email with a brief intro to an admin in order to receive posting privileges.
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    We are working on it. The service we use to weed these morons out is down, so it's us against them at the moment.

    We should be back to our regular programming soon.

    Thanks for your concern and the reported posts, TGS. It is helpful!
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    As noted in the new announcement, we've gone to manual approval of new registrations. That means that a member of staff is eyeballing every new user registration that happens and is manually approving them. This will weed out the spammers...but it will potentially weed out some people who are not spammers.

    If this happens, contact one of the members of staff through the forum (almost all of them have an email address that's accessible through the forum tools) and let them know what happened.

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