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Thread: S&W PC Carry Comp Pistols

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    I have been wanting a Shield Plus with the longer slide/barrel anyway, so this has my curiosity piqued.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coN View Post
    I know there is alot of FUD surrounding ported barrels/slides so I ask is there any truth to any of it?

    Physiology will have a lot to do with it, as will proper techniques.

    A proper number 2 a la Shivworks doctrine places the muzzle just shy of 12" away from my right eye, directly under it. Some people built differently may not experience an issue. Personally when I shoot from number 2 I feel the concussion literally in my eyeball, and even with protective eyewear I've had small shit get up in there from just normal barrels.

    Given the tendency of a lot of bullets I've seen lately to shed jackets that end up embedded in the target when shooting closer than 3 yards, I'm not super enthusiastic about using a ported/comp'd gun in close quarters. Ports seem to be worse than comps and my guess based on looking at these is that they would behave more like compensators in that regard.


    - "GOOD LUCK SHOOTING FROM RETENTION" Is shooting from retention a bad idea? I know there will be hot gasses shooting upwards, so is the concussion that bad?
    It's significantly less pleasant. Will you notice that in a struggle for your life? Well, if you've never experienced it before it can be novel enough to hit your reset button at the worst possible time. So make sure it's not novel if you're going to carry it.

    - Noise factor. "OH ITS SO MUCH LOUDER!" Is it though? I thought it was because the blast is directed up as opposed to away from you so the perception is that it's louder.
    It will depend on the gun and ammo, but in general yeah. It's louder.

    Not a big deal when you're on an outdoor range wearing ear pro.

    Can be a much bigger deal if you're, say, in a car without ear pro. I don't use my Vang ported guns for home defense precisely because if I have to shoot I'd prefer that I not need hearing aids after. I have a client who had to defend himself with a shotgun a little while back and he had Vang ported barrels and now he has hearing aids. Granted there was hearing damage before that happened, but it was noticeably worse after shooting most of the onboard payload of an 870 inside a tight hallway.

    I can tell you for absolute certain it's significantly louder than a normal shotgun blast because I'm standing immediately beside ported and non-ported guns on a regular basis and the non-ported ones can literally ring your bell if you aren't careful.

    Pistols aren't putting out anything close to the same volume of ejecta and they're quieter than shotguns, but they're still louder than a similar non-comped pistol.

    - "YOU CANT SEE SHIT IF YOU USE IT AT NIGHT BECAUSE OF THE MUZZLE FLASH" Unless it's pitch black and your eyes adjusted to the darkness, I don't think that would be an issue. Key word, *think*.
    Muzzle flash is a thing...but if you are using good quality duty ammo that flash will be a relatively dark orange that shouldn't fuck too much with your night vision. If you are using something stupid like the old Golden Saber loads, you get a huge white flash every time you press the trigger and it is literally like being flashbulbed when it goes off. Would it be measurably worse with a compensated gun? Having watched that .45 ACP Golden Saber stuff being shot in the dark corners of Ohio late one fall night, I'm going to say no. It was already a great big ball of white light running out of the end of the barrel. I doubt vectoring some of it straight up would have made much difference.

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    NGL, I'd kind of like to run the full sized pistol...but alas, it doesn't allow for a thumb safety.

    It would make a good gun for the falling steel matches.

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    Picked mine up last night. I got the metal full size. First thing that struck me was I am paying $1,000 for a Performance Center pistol and it comes in a cardboard box. Second thing that struck me was I am paying $1,000 for a pistol and only getting to magazines. The LGS did give me a third and switched all three of them out for the Competitor mags so they will work with the magwell when I install it. I guess while I am on negatives I will add they haven't fixed the loose front panel grip which seems to be common with the Metal guns. I also am not thrilled with the trigger. It is ok, but again, this is supposed to be a Performance Center gun. Reminds me of the crap triggers in my Legions.

    Enough complaining. The gun looks great, it feels great and it shoots great. I only put 50 rounds through it because I had a match today and wanted to do most of my shooting with my match gun. Back to back with my Sig AXG Legion there is no comparison in the effectiveness of the comp/port. This is one of the softest shooting pistols in this class I have ever felt. I took the light off to make sure it wasn't responsible for the difference. Removing the light did increase muzzle rise a bit but it was still considerably softer than the Sig. I look forward to putting more rounds downrange.

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