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Thread: Hurricane Season 2024

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJ View Post
    Thinking of you guys down there.
    @Chuck Whitlock, hope all ok in Corpus.
    We got totally bypassed.....only got one small shower from an outer band.

    My thoughts and prayers for everyone who is affected.

    As a matter of fact, I've got a couple-three guest rooms available. If any of you guys are in need, shoot me a PM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rex G View Post
    Thanks, @blues, for posting my status update.
    Least I could do, brother.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rex G View Post
    Thanks, @blues, for posting my status update. Version LTE is now strong enough to let me post this. Earlier today, Tuesday the 9th, some texts and mobile calls were not getting through. The X-finity (or whatever it is called) wi-fi connection remains down. We never lost power for more than a few seconds at any one one, though there were plenty of those, during the worst of the wind. We were blessed, or lucky, with this storm. After Hurricane Ike, in 2008, it was thirteen days before we had electric service restored.

    The season is still young. I remember 2005, when Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf coast, not that far apart in time and area, and I have heard at least one climate scientist say that this season could be like 2005.
    I had spotty Verizon service starting Monday afternoon and rolling into Tuesday morning. AT&T totally shit the bed in Sugarland, they had mobile towers up to assist, and my Mom is still having connectivity issues there this morning. Xfinity is still out for me. But I finally got power back late last night, so that's nice.

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    Different mobile towers have different ways of dealing with power outages. I have watched the Verizon Wireless mobile LTE signal get progressively weaker, since very early this morning, down from two bars to one bar, and some web sites that worked early this morning are now unresponsive. The latter could be due to more users crowding into the available bandwidth.

    AT&T Wireless mobile LTE has, in general, outperformed Verizon, during the storm, but AT&T has, in generally outperformed Verizon, in our neighborhood, and in this whole region of Texas, for the past few years.

    Notably, we live in a residential neighborhood, in a small city (Bellaire) that has not allowed much commercial infrastructure to be built, outside of specified areas. The nearest commercial properties, where the mobile towers and the mobile infrastructure on the tops of buildings are located, are some distance away. If we want the maximum numbers of bars, we have always needed to go about a mile to the north or south. Wireless LTE will never be a way to have optimal inter-nettin’, in our neighborhood, but, then, we need not worry about a night club, adult book store, or convenience store being built next door to us. (Yes, Houston, I am lookin’ at you, when I say this.)
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    I just got an email from Centerpoint, they estimate my power won't be back on until Thursday. Theoretically I should know right when it comes back on since my alarm system's monitoring company alerts me when the power goes out or comes back on.

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