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Thread: Reliability after adding optic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clusterfrack View Post

    If you have free time to summarize what you've observed, I think it would be valuable to have it in one place.
    If you excuse plain crappy optics that are known for high failure rates and focus on the 'duty rated' optics, I have seen a few interesting and repeatable failures trending. First, as mentioned above the SRO and RMRHD (overhanging) I have seen stoppages like the one Ben shared today. I have seen countless RMR's go downrange, based on speaking to the owners of said projectiles, I can only assume it was user-induced failure due to incorrect torque on the screws. All were sheered off.

    Moving only other failures: open emitters, this has been discussed but they can become occluded and sometimes the fix of the weapon system cycling does not always solve the problem. One interesting failure I shared back in January here was one of our team members exhaling while holding the pistol at a high compressed ready (RMR type2) and the fog from his exhale complete occluded the emitter until it naturally dissipated. This was in a times shoot-house run and he simply had to wait or fire on point shooting only, could not even see his irons.

    I have seen some slide cycling issues likely due to a lighter recoil spring not being able to account for the added weight of the optic, those are simple fixes to resolve during the build of the weapon system in my opinion.

    Countless optics have gone down in classes due to batteries dying, but again, that is a user induced problem.

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    1) SRO on my Staccato before I replaced it with a Holosun. I have also seen it with a SRO on a 320.

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    2) Heavy optics (Acro) can cause reliability issues, as I have reported in a dedicated thread on this topic:

    3) Depending upon the pistol, a too long screw on the right side can touch the bearing spring and cause function issues.

    4) Some optic installations (CZ) make getting the extractor out for cleaning difficult, and in that way can cause reliability issues.
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    I'm dredging this up from memory, but I believe this is a fair synopsis:

    September 2020 I bought a standard black Glock 48 and verified with carry ammo / range ammo through 1100+ rounds with the irons. Had no issues. In June of 2021, I had it milled for a 507k by Primary Machine, who removed the rear sight as part of the work. They mounted the dot and returned the slide to me.

    Subsequently, I was unable to get the same reliability with carry ammo (Speer Gold Dot 124+p) as I had before. I decided it would cost me too much in carry ammo (which at the time was expensive) to vet the gun further, so I consigned it at my local gun shop for sale.

    It bummed me out because aside from not having confidence it would shoot, it was perfect; comfortable AIWB, accurate, light weight, slim. Just not reliable. Those smarter than me suggested it may have been the optic which changed the timing just enough so as to lead to feedway stoppages with the GD+p. Glock's choice to leverage the G43 RSA in the longer G48 slide might have had something to do with it also, but I dunno.

    If I did this over again, I'd get a Glock 48 in MOS form and try a non +p round, like maybe Federal HST 124, but I'm happy enough with my two P365s (P365X, P365 X Macro Tacops Frankengun) that I'm not interested in spending the money to find out.

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    All of this may be an argument for the factory-mounted ACRO P-2 that Glock is offering on the G45. Aimpoint closed emitter, mounted behind extractor and ejection port, and rear sight still behind optic. This may get my money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farscott View Post
    All of this may be an argument for the factory-mounted ACRO P-2 that Glock is offering on the G45. Aimpoint closed emitter, mounted behind extractor and ejection port, and rear sight still behind optic. This may get my money.
    I picked one up and am impressed so far. I’d love to be able to do a 2000 round burndown, but I don’t see that happening.

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    If I understand the question - Are optics making pistols unreliable? And if so, which ones?

    The only pistol reliability issues I recall involve Glocks, optics that bolt downwards into the slide, and screws that are too long for the right-hand side;
    I can't recall seeing stoppages like those depicted in this thread;
    I believe I have seen far more problems caused by compensators and/or lousy ammunition;

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