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Thread: Very Low Recoil Defense loads for shotgun

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCinVA View Post
    Looking at the payload weight and the velocity will give you a good idea of what kind of recoil it offers.
    Yup, it is simply math.
    Seems like the trend has always been to reduce velocity (with maybe a slight reduction in payload from 9 to 8), maybe reducing payload and maintaining velocity would be a valid alternative approach, and reducing shot size might be a way to reduce the payload, rather than bumping up the count as diameter is reduced. If Qty9 of #00 is the established standard that is known to be effective, perhaps Qty10 of #1 at the same velocity would be much more manageable in pump guns and still over 400 grains on target. Maybe single ought has been overlooked?

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    And I had all this typed up before I actually watched all of the video...

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    With a shoulder and back injury Ive been unable to shoot shotguns, other than a 410 in a gauge reducer. The answer for my use was to remove the stock. When I tried a shockwave, I had a way to shoot shotguns again. Ive been on the lookout for a beater stock for my model 12 to cut down to raptor type.
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    I'm way out of my lane here, but wouldn't you need more weight of the pellet in order to get proper penetration when velocity is reduced? I'm thinking 000 might be the ticket even though you'll have fewer pellets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exiledviking View Post
    I'm way wouldn't you need more weight of the pellet in order to get proper penetration when velocity is reduced?
    Or simply the same number of smaller/lighter pellets at the higher typical velocity? The video is cool because it just points out that swapping out the same number of #1 for the #00 makes for a nice grouping load (without the magic wad...) still at good velocity.

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