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Thread: Living in the NPE - Building Bruce Wayne (rehosted)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tensaw View Post
    Geez, that Covert Belt looks so good, *I* may give it a try! I take it that it is pretty pliable to conform to the body?...

    And thanks for the input Gents! Very helpful.

    ETA: Man, the Covert Belt would really be cool with a Zero-type buckle... I know that probably won't happen, but still...
    It is relatively flexible, comparable to the Tenicor Zero belt. The rubberized portion that holds it in place against your clothing probably precludes the use of that type of buckle. But considering the use case for it, itís basically a set it and forget it type deal since you wonít need to touch it for normal daily activities like you do with a standard belt , like taking a leak, for example.

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    Making the TPI thread readable here was a huge service to this community. It is a must read for anyone who carries or plans to carry under circumstances where the gun absolutely cannot be discovered.
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    SouthNarc MUCing with his Balmoral shoes and resetting OODA loops with rose gold cufflinks...and the resulting fanfic about his encounter with the Pension board forever set the standard for "Thread Drift."

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    Not to mention the concept of the emergency cash watch for foreign travel.

    It wouldn't work here in PNG- you'd get more money from Rick Harrison with a used fake Rolex- but it's an interesting idea.
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    Relevant to recent posts, Iím finding a Tenicor Zero may be my answer for tucked shirt carry. I have a deposition today, which is one of those less frequent events that has me wearing business casual or formal but not going through metal detectors into the courthouse (when my solution is typically a gun attached to my trousers with DCCs under a vest so itís easy on and off). Today itís business casual, so button collar shirt, chinos, and a cotton jacket that I will definitely not be keeping on all day.

    I tried using the Zero like one would a Mastermind Covert, under the tucked shirt, and Iím finding that for my body type the lack of rubber grippy material isnít an issue. The belt isnít shifting up or down on me. Iím carrying an LCR in a JM AIWB plus an ESEE Izula with a DCC clip on the sheath. Totally concealed and quite comfortable, which is frankly exhilarating because itís the first time Iíve really made a tucked shirt and gun play well together.

    Iím sure the Covert is great as Iíve liked the other Mastermind stuff Iíve tried but I do like the Zero buckle for this application.

    One issue I could use some help with is the shirt part. Iím wearing a more casual shirt today, but to make this work with a tie Iíd need to use my proper dress shirts. I tried one this morning but found that between its length and fit I canít draw it high enough to clear the gun. I may try again later with the bottom button undone but if thatís not a fix Iíll be at a loss. Anyone else run into this problem?

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