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Thread: Why Was Hip-Shooting a Thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by okie john View Post
    IIRC, Keith liked adjustable sights on DA revolvers because the sight picture was better.

    There are images of a couple of his articles and more pics of Number 5 here:

    I love that some of the screws on Number 5 have burrs.

    Okie John
    And wear on the cylinder notches.
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    Someone found this gem of Bill Jordan doing some fast draw hip shooting. There's even a slow motion video capture of a quick draw in it at around the 3:55-4:00 mark:

    I'll pull out the part that caught my eye as a still shot:

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    That's the blank or wax bullet being fired. It happens again in the gun-on-Bill demonstration at 4:19.

    I encourage watching the slow motion draw a few times. Note how the muzzle moves during the presentation.

    Point being that even Bill Jordan...who invested more time and effort into the practice than anyone else I can think it wrong sometimes.

    So if he can mess it up under stress...

    There's also a good lesson in there about how much the gun interferes with vision with his demonstration of palming a J frame (because Bill's hands were so huge he could do that sort of thing) from left to right hand at right about the exact height the LAPD officer's gun would be blocking vision of it.
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