I owned an Eddie Bauer Explorer 4WD way back in the last century. Most comfortable seats I've ever sat in. It was a great car until it got into the 90Ks, at which point the power train basically self destructed. I don't recall the specifics of all the failure modes, but it was bad enough that it literally left me stranded, without warning, on the side of the highway. Since then, I've heard multiple Ford-smart mechanics refer to them as "Exploders"

My cousin owned a Ranger for about 12 months, and sold it after finding that he had to run it with the bed mostly full to keep the back end from breaking loose on even slightly damp/slick surfaces.

I've heard all the horror stories about CVTs, and, given the option would avoid them, but my son's Kia Seltos has the CVT (as does my daughter's 2021 Soul), and neither have given any problems, so, who knows? Maybe we're just lucky with our Korean vehicles? My youngest son is still running our 2010 Soul with north of 150K miles on it, without any major issues.

I've driven most of the Subaru line up, and, except for the Forester, was completely unimpressed with any of them. My in-laws who live in rural Maine swear by them as the ultimate snow machines, BUT, they also are willing to put up with the expense and inconvenience of having them in the shop pretty frequently. They own several, so they can rotate them in...

I have a lot of time driving/riding in Suburbans, including up-armoreds, and found them to be very reliable and comfortable. We put a lot of miles on our standard subs, and I don't recall much difficulty or down-time with them (except for issues with run-flats, but those were not standard tires. Once we ditched those, all problems went away).

Were I made of money, I'd get a Tahoe, just because I find them to be enormously comfortable, and just enough more manueverable to make a difference versus the Suburban. My all time favorite SUV is still the older Ford Expedition (the short one) - drove those a lot circa 2001-2008, and never had an issue with any of them.

I'm currently driving a Ram 1500 V6 4-door, because it was what I could find at a decent price during the 'Vid. It's not fancy, but it's comfortable and has been reliable so far. I've put 28K miles on mine in about 3 years, not super hard use, but several trips from IN to VA/NY without issue. I'm not sure about the V6, it's a LITTLE lacking in power for highway acceleration, and the gas mileage is a lot crappier than I was hoping, but, since I'm not towing anything, it's an acceptable solution for me.