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Thread: Walker's XCEL 500BT: Hopefully worth $60

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    Walker's XCEL 500BT: Hopefully worth $60

    I managed to destroy my Peltor 500 headset yesterday.

    I was all set to buy these: 3M Pro-Protect

    However, I thought I'd check to see what else is available, and saw MidwayUSA is offering the Walker's XCEL 500BT for $60 (black & green only, other colors are $120): XCEL 500BT

    I ordered a set, and if they work for me, I'll get some gel earseals. If they aren't as good as the 3M/Peltor stuff I've had, I'll use them as loaners.

    I thought others might want to know about the sale.
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    That's a good deal. I've got a set that I've been using for ~4-5 years now and they've been solid. They get more use running a mower and edger than a pistol and rifle now, but I'm a fan. 50% off looks like a good excuse to pick up another pair.
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