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    .44 Special

    I just put 1K rounds of .44 Special 240 grain SWCs up on the website.

    These run right at 900 FPS from a 5" Model 29 and are absolute tack drivers.

    Love running these in a 4" Smith or a longer barrel Blackhawk.

    One of the most popular .44 Caliber loads made. Covers everything from Mule Deer and Black Bear to Coyotes and Jacks.

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    First time shooting this load in a Ruger Flat Top I had never shot before , I got under a 2.5 inch group at 25 yards. I'm positive it would have done better with a different guy behind the gun.
    Shot it in a S&W 29 Mountain Gun and multiple Ruger Flat Tops and it shot well in all of them. Highly recommend!
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