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Thread: New RCS holster... Side car style

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    I would have guessed it was slightly flexible given the organic shape. Thank you for confirming it isn’t!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RCSMichael View Post
    Concealment and speed/ease of access are competing objectives. A race-gun rig will give you the most ergonomically efficient way to index your mag for the fastest reloads. A concealable OWB magazine carrier is a trade-off where you gain some concealability, at the cost of that speed. An AIWB magazine carrier is yet a further trade-off, favoring concealment even more heavily over in-fight access.
    Totally agree. And, I realize much of Internet gun discussion is an argument over who has made the appropriate compromise amongst competing objectives.

    Quote Originally Posted by RCSMichael View Post
    I can't wear a race-gun rig to the grocery store, but then again, outside of a Mumbai-style terrorist attack, I cannot fathom a scenario where I -- as an armed civilian -- will ever be in a situation where the tipping point of whether I live or die will be decided by whether I could execute a sub one-second reload on my pistol after firing between 10-17 rounds.
    Fair, but, alternatively, if you're going to bother to carry a spare mag, optimizing how you access if you need it seems like a good idea. To put it another way, if you get to the point where you need to reload because you're at slide lock, getting the gun working again quickly is probably pretty important.

    Quote Originally Posted by RCSMichael View Post
    While I recognize that having a shooting-based hobby for the last 15 years has undoubtedly helped shape your preferences, I'm sure you can appreciate my reluctance to give your input on a product which you've never even seen in person -- much less had a chance to shoot from on the range -- the same weight as I do to those who carry guns into harm's way for a living, and who were directly involved in the development and testing of this product. I'm not sure what you consider "proper indexing" of a pistol magazine to be, but I can assure you we gave significant consideration to how end-users would reload from the VSB when we designed it:

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    I didn't make any comments directed at the holster/mag pouch that I would consider input directed at RCS. This is a discussion forum. We discuss gun stuff, and do so based on our individual experiences.

    That said, I wouldn't consider that photo to be a properly indexed mag. I want the base pad contact to be closer to the center of the palm so that the index finger is much closer to the top of the mag and I can get solid contact on the mag body with both the middle and ring finger. That way, if the mag snags on a closed-front cover garment, it's much less likely to get completely reoriented in your hand or end up on the ground. I'd assume one of the benefits of this type of design is that tweaking the file to move the mag higher would be pretty simple.

    Quote Originally Posted by RCSMichael View Post
    As a sales and marketing guy, I'm going to offer this observation: If you actually bought and used the ACR, VanGuard, VanGuard 2, VanGuard 3, Eidolon, and the Jake over the last 16+ years and you were "...repeatedly disappointed..." by those offerings, I can state with 100% confidence you will not like the VSB. And I say that as a guy who will never like a Toyota truck, regardless of how many people rave about their Tacomas.
    I've had lots of RCS products since I first got a Phantom in about 2007 including an ACR, (some version of the Vanguard that I'm pretty sure I got from TLG), and an Eidolon. I've never gotten your AIWB holsters to work as well for me as holsters from CCC, DSG, JM Custom, or Tenicor, but I do understand that there are lots of personal preferences that go into how an appendix holster should fit/carry. I do have and continue to use a Perun and think its a pretty great holster. I'll for sure buy a VSB because I'm interested to see how well this approach works compared to the existing wing/wedge and muzzle pad/bump approach.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavyDuty View Post
    I think I’ve just about talked myself into trying one of these to see if I can adapt to AIWB. I’ve had problems in the past with rigid Kydex, it’s time for a radically different approach.

    How hard is this material? (Phrasing.)
    It is a solid polymer, made from a nylon blend. The smooth contours are what sets it apart from an all-day comfort perspective. The fact that there are no ridges or corners to become pressure-points against the body makes a significant difference to how it feels compared to traditional Kydex AIWB rigs.
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