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Thread: .38 Wadcutter update. Poly Coat is here!

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    .38 Wadcutter update. Poly Coat is here!

    It is no secret that poly-coated projectiles have become more and more popular over the years. In fact, the last few loads I have developed, I started with a poly-coated projectile right from the start. They smoke less when the gun is discharged, and make cleaning easier, plus you are handling lead a bit less if that is a concern. Accuracy tends to be excellent with them as well. Really there are no downsides.

    I recently developed a good load that is suitable to replace the .38 Special standard pressure 148 grain hardcast wadcutter. So the new poly-coated 148 grain wadcutters will be offered from here out. They pair up nicely with the little .32 H&R wadcutters too!

    Hope you guys enjoy them!

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    Good move. Since I started dabbling in reloading, Iíve used mostly coated lead projectiles and they donít spew a cloud of nasty lead and soot like cheap factory LRN or LSWC.

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    I was out on Friday shooting various guns.
    Shot the 148 grain Poly Coat WCs through my 6" Security 6.

    Pretty dang fun, especially with a red dot!

    I need to adjust the sight a bit to the left for this load but the gun certainly likes them!

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