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Thread: Short barrel 9mm defense ammo

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    I have seen testing for the critical duty 135+p from 3.0-3.5 inch guns and it does well across tests in those barrel lengths. Expansion is limited, and it may be that the new GD2 +p is better, but the CD performance was certainly acceptable and that’s an easily found load. It also “feels” like a standard pressure, recoil wise, to me. I have found function very good in a 43x and P365 with no failures in 4-500 rounds across those platforms.

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    The two Ranger bands give useful additional bulk and cushioning to take the "sting" out of it without defeating concealability.

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    124 gr HST has been well established as a proven performer, even in short barrels, for a long time now. All of my handguns are in 9mm, and all of them use 124 gr HST. Until something that actually outperforms it and isn't a gimmick (looking at you Underwood) comes along, that's not going to change.

    I'm not sure why people keep trying to reinvent the wheel so to speak when it comes to choosing defensive ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jandbj View Post
    If ever I saw a centennial begging for a high horn grip, it’s every 940.
    @rhamre looking right at you! 😉

    These help too:
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    I can't wait to post images of things we're working on.

    Let's just say, we're hoping we have a couple offerings that will appeal to the high horn crowd, the exposed backstrap crowd, and the enclosed backstrap crowd.

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