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Thread: Tisas 1911 ASF model vs Springfield 1911 Mil Spec model

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    Functionally, the Wilson 47s are solid. The ETMs are, too, if you want eight-round ones. The thing about the 47s coming apart if the land just right on a cement floor doesnít matter in most scenarios. The Marines issued Wilson 47s with the M45A1. I donít like the 47Ds. Even when new, the spring feel weak on the last round.

    For range use, 7-round metal GI-type magazines are good in a steel-framed 1911. Theyíre cheap enough that if they donít work, shitcan them. I got some AMT magazines in an estate sale and they were all hot garbage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 03RN View Post
    A 47 or a 47d?

    Honestly I use vickers and the +p etm. But for a beginner the 47s are imo the best. That's why force recon and Jason Burton stuck with them.

    Fwiw I'm 39 and brought in all my colt mags my senior year of high school to weld the base plates on after one launched my rounds out during an ipsc match. Seems crazy I could do that in rock island Illinois over 20 years ago.

    I wonder if the steel etm plates would work on a 47
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    They shouldn't, as the 47s have shorter tubes than the ETMs.

    10-8 sells aluminum floor plates for the the 47, but they are an on-again, off-again item for them, and they are $25 a pop.
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    PSA: I was looking at what I had ordered last time (47C's) and it appears Wilson is having a "buy three, get one free" on magazines Feb 13-18th:

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