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Thread: reinforcing front entry way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malamute View Post

    Mine had a pin through the frames in the upper corner where they overlapped. Having the rollers adjusted so the door cant be lifted out helps also. I dont know if all sliding glass doors have adjustments on the roller height but mine did.
    If no adjustable rollers, open door and run a couple of 2 screws into the middle of the track. Then back them out a little at a time until the door just clears when it slides. The protruding screws will prevent the door from being lifted from the track.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malamute View Post
    A C clamp can be put on the track to keep the door from moving up if away or not using it regularly. The old school latches on the sides for the manual door unlock may work OK, I may look into it. No need to put the outside part on, at least I wouldnt.

    I added a switch to the door motor outlet, I leave it off unless I need to open the door. I put it up about 5 ft high so theres no mistaking it for a light switch and leaving it on inadvertently.

    Just saw this, using a zip tie to prevent the hanger trick
    Both of my garage doors are zip tied.
    Just a dog chauffeur that used to hold the dumb end of the leash.

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