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Thread: New revolvers at SHOT/Lipsey's release

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    I can think of no reason that a 32 revolver cartridge fired in a J frame would have ignition issues. Like the 38 Spl, this cartridge head-spaces on its rim. The 32 cal cylinder is simply the 38 Spl cylinder drilled for the 32 cartridge. If ammo is not the cause, I suspect that the firing pin mechanism might be. The pin itself may be too short. Its location in the frame could have a burr interfering with travel. The cylinder revolves around the crane which must be fitted to the cylinder. If too short even slightly, then the space between cylinder and frame is excessive. A weak hammer spring can affect ignition.

    I select the firing pin mechanism as the cause. However, it's possible for two or three variables to interact. For this reason, I advise against monkeying with J frame actions. I realize that the op has a new revolver. Too, we must remember that manufacturers outsource many parts, especially small parts. They buy these in giant batches, and variability exists within batches.

    The last two J's that I bought had firing pins that dragged on the channel. The pin produced sparks noticeable during dry firing. Otherwise both were good specimens. I decided not to use warranty repair because I feared that they might mess up something else. I shot them until the problem went away.

    The J frame does not tolerate alteration. Shoot it until the piece smooths out. Leave factory parts in the gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 11B10 View Post
    After my post and now SwampDweller's - with no response, I'm feelin a bit far.

    In all fairness, I gotta admit it's obvious patience has never been one of my strongest attributes.
    Join the club on the patience thing. I'm an impulsive buyer who is willing to buy something new when it hits the market.

    (which is funny because I'm a procrastinator for just about everything else...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4given View Post
    Finally got my 632UC out to the range. Lives up to the hype IMHO. This thing handles and points very well for a J frame. Light recoil impulse. Tigger pull comparable to my other J frames with APEX trigger kits installed. I might polish the internals at some point but it really isn't that critical. Love the high horn grip. Fits my hand well. Could use a little texture. The sights are perfect. Very happy with this revolver so far.

    Fired 50 rounds of Lost River 100 grain poly coat full wadcutters with NO MISFIRES

    Fired 66 rounds of handloads using MBC 98 gr poly-coated DEWC's over 2.8 grains HP-38/W231, Starline brass and CCI primers. I used CCI primers because they are reputedly the hardest and most difficult to ignite. I experienced NO MISFIRES
    I have had several misfires in other J frames with APEX trigger kits installed using CCI primers so this is notable.

    Here are pictures of the first groups I fired off-hand at 12 yards. It took a few shots to figure out the hold. Drive the dot worked but completely obscured the target. Targets are on 8 X11 inch paper for perspective:


    Lost River Ammo

    For reference, I weighed the revolver empty, loaded, and loaded in a Sticky Holster. ( Note: The rear sight snags up occasionally on the trim piece sewn around the opening of the Sticky Holster. Not good. Mika Holsters have been ordered!)

    EMPTY - 16.7 oz

    LOADED with Lost River Ammo 18.8 oz

    LOADED in Holster - 20.0 oz
    For reference:

    340 with 405's a sticky pocket holster and 148GMM 15 oz
    G42 with soft pocket holster, 7 HST2 deep 16.5 oz
    G43 7 124 GD soft pocket holster 21.5 oz. (friends gun not weighed on my scale)
    365X with 11 (state rules) 124's kydex holster 24.5 oz

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    There was a break in the rain this morning so I ran another 60 rds through my UC at 8 yds and a pretty quick pace and some on steel at 15-20 yds. So far, I'm at 140+ rds since putting in the Apex kit with nothing but good results so far, the trigger's settled in at a little under 9lb's. I wrapped up today with a few 110gr Winchester Silver tips, function has been 100%

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