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Thread: New revolvers at SHOT/Lipsey's release

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    Quote Originally Posted by BN View Post
    Speedloaders. I'd really like to have a few Bubberized Comp IIIs for this 432UC. Comp IIs wouldn't be too bad.

    I have a drill I use to compare different guns and see how they work for me. It's an abbreviated El Presidente. 3 IDPA targets at 7 or 10 yards. No turn, just draw, fire 2 shots on each target, reload and fire 2 more shots at each target.

    I ran the drill several times today with my 432UC with 32 Longs. The HKS speedloaders are slow and clumsy. My reloads were taking 5 seconds. When I was regularly shooting revolver in IDPA my reloads were under 3 seconds with a K-Frame.

    This gun runs well at speed. I like it. Plus, I can see the sights.

    Maybe Speed Beez will make some. Safariland would be the best.
    The guys at Speedbeez have a 632UC and are looking at making loaders last I heard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikey357 View Post
    That's how it should work--Unfortunately for me, the LGS I am most friendly with/have the best relationship with is not a real high-volume Dealer, so my guess is that he's not real high on "The List" as far as getting the "Allocated" items go--Which is really a shame, because I know he could have already sold 3 or 4 of the UC's...
    That might be the boat Iím in. I put a deposit down for a 632 the day after the announcement and the dealer still hasnít been able to get one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JEC View Post
    The guys at Speedbeez have a 632UC and are looking at making loaders last I heard.
    I liked this post, then I unliked it so I could like it again.

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    I'm still awaiting a 432UC at the local FFL which apparently put me down on its Lipsey's "wish list".
    I'll still buy it if/when it arrives, but, back in Feb. '24, I did buy a Ruger LCRX 327 to get me by.

    I wonder how many Rugers or even Tauruses were bought instead of a Lipsey's/S&W (in the .32H&R chambering).
    In my case, Ruger probably should thank Lipsey's for bringing interest to the .32Long/.32H&R/.327Fed market.
    I realize the LCRX can shoot the other related calibers. I just haven't bought the other calibers to shoot.

    Note. I was already well set with several .38/.357 revolvers. Maybe I'll consider a 642UC/442UC, but let's see if the 432UC ever comes in for me. I'm still planning on getting a new sport-utility-vehicle this year so I've got plenty of places to spend money elsewhere.

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    Would the Speedbeez loaders for the 327 LCR work for the 432/632UC?

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