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Thread: Federal 20ga. No. 2 Buck w/ Flite Control being announced at SHOT

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    Quote Originally Posted by 03RN View Post
    Ooh I'm excited. I've been hunting around for another gp 20gauge sxs. Not for defensive use but for hunting/camping/etc.

    I've never been impressed with 20 gauge buck with patterning but this might help.

    I found myself searching online for Stoeger Defense shotties this week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JHC View Post
    A quality 20 ga coach gun config with this load available sounds handy as hell!
    I've had a couple 26" 20g sxs that get added to trades and then I'm like. Well that was dumb. Needs double triggers and mod/imp cylinder chokes too. That's my jam.

    I've never handled a 20 gauge coach gun. That might be interesting 🤔
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    I do still have my old chukar gun, the Stevens 311 that my dad gave me when I turned 14…

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    Now listed on Target Sports (not yet in stock).

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    This is intriguing.

    I bought one or two boxes of 1B Spartan shells a while back for my wife's 510 Mini. It came with choke tubes. I really need to go out and pattern it.
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