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Thread: 2" and 2.5" K Frames Are Cool.

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    I have this one with box, docs, tools, and original wood numbered to the frame. 19-3 IIRC. Those are Ahrends purchased before they went on a permanent vacation.

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    I've had more than a handful of sweet K frames over the years, but they tend to come and go in my safe...
    Recently added this 66-4 (I prefer the dash 4 variant of the 66) and am eyeballing a model 19-7 snub.
    (will need to post pic later, as I cannot find the "manage attachments" tab that will allow me to post pics??!! Any help with this would be greatly appreciated)

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    66-4 with Eagle Secret Service boot grips.
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    LGS in the past several months has had more stock of interesting and useful used guns than I have seen in one place in years. Today, I brought this home, while internally debating a couple more, though I previously decided the two I got so far this year would be it for a while.

    12-2. Looks to have been carried a bit, but shot very little. Holster wear on the anodizing in several places, some pictured.

    As a regular airweight J frame carrier for the past two decades, and perpetual 4 K frame owner, this lovely thing is very cool. Full grip for a larger hand than the J will accommodate, but still light, and no IWB pinching from a 3 or 4 barrel. Light - does not weigh down the belt. Not a pocket gun, but I have a feeling that, while I thought I was adding to my K collection, it may be carried. That is what such a thing is for, after all: usable collectible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duelist View Post may be carried. That is what such a thing is for, after all: usable collectible.
    Outstanding find. M12 is one of my collecting fetish's for decades now. I recently sent a 12-2 off to Nelson Ford for an action job and what returned is the best snub trigger on the most accurate snub I have ever owned. That one gets carried, found a vintage ankle holster for it or it goes in a Galco Underwraps bellyband.

    As you cite, these are useful things meant to be used. I sold off the ones with the original box, tools, appear unfired, collector grade. Somebody else can admire them and never shoot them.
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    Before this weekend I had only one revolver in this category. Now Ive got two. Name:  IMG_4103.jpg
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    Ive had the 1974 2 M12 a while and love it. Thats the first thing Id want if S&W did a K-frame Ultimate Carry line.
    The 1967 2 M15 I got this weekend at a local auction, while the old men were fighting each other for the .410 single shots and pump .22s. I picked up a Tyler T-Grip for it for $2 at the same place.

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    SMITH AND WESSON 12-2 2 inch

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    Ive now shot my 2 M15 a few times. Although Ive heard and read that the 2 15 shoots like a 4, I never took that very seriously.
    But it does.
    I have a 4 15 that shoots pretty well, and this 2 does as well or better from the bench. Standing unsupported, I can shoot the 2 a little better each time so far.

    Im pretty sure its coming along to the Caleb Giddings revolver class Im taking later this year.

    Creepy little oddball, it is.

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    2 M10 I drunk bid on gunbroker several years ago. Hack job SB to RB conversion under the stocks. Ugly work. But I think it was only $350 IIRC. NICE trigger after a little honing.
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    Picked up this 19 snub to keep my 66 company!
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