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Thread: Beretta 21A Bobcat Holsters

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    Tagging a few people who said they would be interesting in buying.

    Tony emailed me, the pistol molds are complete. So if folks want to start touching base and placing orders we can. I'm sure Tony will be along to say more.

    Looks like this is becoming a reality guys. He stepped up to offer something nobody else really was, and I'm excited for it. I know my Dad's been looking for something decent for his mouse gun for awhile.

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    Excellent news, I'm really happy to see this come to fruition, and I really appreciate the willingness to go out on a limb as far as tooling up costs for a pretty niche item. I'll be good for one as soon as they are available, and I have 1-2 buddies who aren't on here but will likely get one as well.

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    Holster arrived today, and Dad came over with his 21A to pick it up.

    IWB #3
    Beretta 21 Long
    10* Cant
    Right Carry
    DCC Monoblock
    Mid Guard
    Normal hole pattern

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    The holster is obviously JMCK quality. Zero complaints. This moves Dad's pee shooter from an uncle mike's peice of glorified felt with plastic tab to an actual holster. There is definitely space for a threaded barrel, and the length should prevent roll out. I specified DCC because they're flat, hold well, and remove easily. This is a win for these little Beretta 22s.

    At this point, I've convinced every male gun carrier in my family to get a JMCK.
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