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Thread: Recommendations - Razors for Noggins

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    Recommendations - Razors for Noggins

    The straight and safety razors thread inspired me to pose this question, since I can't be the only guy here who's intentionally bald (in my case it's because the hereditary balding kicked in starting in my mid 20s and started approaching untenable territory by 30).

    I've been using a cheap, ineffective three rotary blade electric "razor" just to knock the length down a bit (it doesn't shave in any real sense of the word and what it does, it does incredibly unevenly) and then actually shaving with the safety razor I use for shaving around my beard. Doing this every two days works and results in a perfectly smooth shave, but I can't keep doing the 30 minute plus routine as it cuts into other things on days I have a tight schedule. It's great for when I have the time, but when I don't I'd like to have something that is quicker but as close as possible to the same result. I'm aware no electric option will actually be "as good" as a DE razor. I'm just looking for something better than rocking three days of growth at meetings or court hearings because I didn't have time for a wet shave that morning.

    Can anyone recommend an electric razor for shaving your gourd that's worth a damn? I'm assuming a box/foil type is going to be best, but I'd appreciate specific suggestions and I'm also happy to consider something totally different. I have no problem going up to $200 if that's what it takes for something that will work well and last a long time.

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    I keep a cheap green Gillette in the shower. Wet head add cheap shaving cream and then shave. I dont replace the heads very often. They just seem to work. I know they are not cool or fancy but effective. Ive tried headblades and other head specific devices but always come back to the basic set up. Its like a j frame or a glock 19 they just work. It takes less than 3 mins a day.
    My grandfather always used an electric razor and his face was always scruffy.

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    The best electric I’ve used is the Braun S9 pro. I like that I can use it in the shower and get a pretty close shave with it relatively quickly.

    It is actually slower than using something like a headblade, but doesn’t irritate my skin as much.

    The price is absolutely stupid though. I ended up getting like 40% off last year for Black Friday and probably wouldn’t recommend it at the normal price.

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    I have a Pitbull skull shaver that works very well. I use it with Dollar Shave Club shaving butter.

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    I use a Pitbull shaver dry and it works great. Not 90 seconds and done like they claim, but the hair I have left is pretty coarse and thick. When I want to go super slick I use the same Defender razor that I use for my face with HeadSlick shaving cream.
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    A Harry's razor, 2x a week.

    One razor for my face, one for the head.
    Been shaving my cranium since 2008. Tried all the gadgety head razors, hand razors work best for me.
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    Anecdotal experience of 2. Outside my lane

    Guy A went all in with a straight. He is a retired DUSM, no kids. Carries a Staccato. His cheap boots are Red Wings Iron Rangers. He buys boots in sets of 3, black, brown and oxblood/#8. This pattern repeats itself thru brands like Alden. He simply has the time, talent and treasure to go slow and do it right in all things.

    Guy B has flirted with all manner of DE safety razors/electrics/disposables and cartridges.
    His face is DE with a feather or occasionally a Mach 3.
    His head is always Mach 3 as he finds the pivoting head helpful, particularly when he is short on time ( 3 kids under 6)

    Knowing nothing, I suspect that I would go Mach 3 and make sure my head was clean and slick as snot with some type of shave oil/shave cream combo, optimized for the head.
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    I shave my head and neck in the shower daily with a regular razor and regular bar soap. It takes maybe 3 min.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velociginger View Post
    I shave my head and neck in the shower daily with a regular razor and regular bar soap. It takes maybe 3 min.
    This -- although I use shaving cream and a Fusion 5 razor (I have shaved with bar soap too, and it works fine..). Sometimes I skip a day, but I shave my whole nugget about 4x a week, usually in the shower, and it takes 5 minutes tops.

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