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Thread: Agencies dropping Stacatto?

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    @jnc36rcpd, I've been retired 18 months now. Occasionally I text some of the guys. The officer in question was one of the two lead FIs for the SWAT team, who had their own training Cadre, separate from the regular range staff. The man is a beast with a pistol or rifle, and there were still a few guys on my staff who he came to for pointers, advice and instruction. Had a couple of seriously good shooters on the range staff at that time.

    The SWAT guys who bought the Staccatos never carried them, as they weren't authorized. Just shot them in training instead of their duty pistols, which they had come to hate. This was, by the way, the same group of officers who had insisted that the 226 Legions were THE gun that they needed. Until they decided that they weren't.

    The idea of a comped, 40oz pistol as a duty gun carried 10-12 hours on the belt with all the other stuff cops carry now....again, just seems silly to me.

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    Folks this is a public agency. No need to guess. All the info is available.

    Here is the City Council Report from Ontario:

    Here is the Contract with quote and prices:

    Looks like it was for a total of $1,201,702. Remember, that doesn't mean what it actually will cost the city. This is just the money that is set aside. Most cities build in 10% contingency. The cost per gun is $3,138.27. Their quote is for a total of 350 guns (they may or may not purchase that many).

    I understand why a department would want to do this. To be quite honest, policing in the 2020's sort of sucks. Obviously folks in PD command and in the city likely feel this will be a morale booster (look the city cares about you) and something that sets their agency apart. Dropping a $1mil is cheap if it actually accomplishes that to a degree.

    Quote Originally Posted by AMC View Post
    The idea of a comped, 40oz pistol as a duty gun carried 10-12 hours on the belt with all the other stuff cops carry now....again, just seems silly to me.
    I totally agree.

    My personal opinion is that while well intended, it's sort of dumb. A Staccato XC is a big a heavy gun. IF (really big IF) I were going to issue a Staccato, it would likely be a C2, not an XC. Ultimately, I have a sneaking suspicion that they won't be issuing the Staccato (at least not the XC) three or five years from now.

    Here is their current policy (standard Lexipol...go down to 312: Firearms):

    It looks like they currently issue the Glock 17 and authorize most other pistols and revolvers. My guess is once the new coolness of the Staccato wears off folks will go back to carry whatever they are carrying right now. That is how it works most places.
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    Thank You

    I want to reach out via the interwebs and say THANK YOU to several of the posters. I've been in law enforcement now for 14+ years and had my fair share of FIs & Armorers. Those of you who understand options and that one size does not fit all deserve a round of applause. Yes, I can shoot anything you give me. Yes, I will train hard with the tools you issue. To give me options in those tools and the ability to flourish though, that is the mark of a great educator.

    The 1911 is still around 110+ years after its service entry because IT WORKS for millions of people. To have instructors or institutions that hate on that, are blind to that or have some penchant of "not under my watch" against that is a disservice to those they employ, train and call upon.

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